Sharp Corner R: New, Wild Smartphone with Curved Corners

The Japanese manufacturer, Sharp, unveils a new smartphone with a somewhat spectacular screen. Not only the edges are curved-it is the corners too.

Technology manufacturer Sharp, who is behind, among other things. display panels, flat panel monitors and projectors, smartphones have before proved that a smartphone doesn’t have to look like, as they typically do today. With its two AQUOS Crystal-smartphones are screen edges already virtually eliminated, but now surpasses Sharp itself.

By CEATECH 2016-technology exhibition in Japan have Sharp showcased its new smartphone, which goes by the name ‘Corner R’.

In many ways makes Sharp use of same impressive display technology as before, but this time, three of the four edges around the display panel Contoured. That in itself is quite impressive, because the screen panels in smartphones so far ‘ only ‘ has been curved in the two sides.

It is, however, particularly another detail that contributes to a significantly different design. With display technology called ‘IGZO’ have Sharp managed to get the top two corners contoured-something which stands in stark contrast to the previous smartphone, AQUOS Crystal 2, having as sharp corners, as a smartphone rather may have.

The curved screen with the usually almost non-existent edges measuring 5.2 “and has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels – so Full HD. It provides a pixel density of 425 pixels per inch, but in fact Sharp able to provide screen panels with a pixel density of nothing less than 1000 pixels per inch with ‘IGZO’ technology.

At present, there are just a prototype, but the new technology may give a clue as to which direction the design of screens of smartphones can take in the future.

Particularly in relation to next year’s iPhone can Sharps innovations be interesting. There are reports that Sharp will supply OLED display panels for Apple next year – even the curved ones, and it is clearly something the manufacturer has already mastered.