Shirt Jacket Combinations

Shirt jackets and boleros complement many outfits – sometimes casual, sometimes elegant. Below are frequently asked questions and you should know in your buying decision.

Shirt Jacket Combinations

Where does actually comes the bolero?

Under a bolero is defined as a short jacket, which reaches a maximum to the waist. Traditionally, it had long sleeves, was open at the front and was carried by Spanish bullfighters. The short section sat not only the athletic figure of Toreros advantageous in scene, but left a lot of freedom of movement with fast and dangerous actions. Already in the 19th century, the Spanish ladies who discovered the waist jacket itself. The woman of the world bore the Bolero to crinoline, in the 20th century he experienced then a revival as a perfect accessory for wide swinging petticoat. Today the Send short jackets have a firm place in the fashion world.

Shirt Jacket Combinations


Who are boleros?

The short cut boleros especially emphasize the waist and put female curves in the limelight. The jack form brings bust, midsection and a firm bottom beautifully. Therefore, it is slim women and women with feminine curves very well. Who is a little chubby around the stomach and hips, should wear under the jacket a long, long flowing shell that hides the small problem areas. Small women cheat with a bolero a few centimeters taller, because they moved upwards waist stretched optically and creates long legs.


Which shirt jackets slim?

A little tummy or female hips you conceal best with longer cut shirt jackets that fall flowing yet flatter the figure. More guides on recipesinthebox. Ideal are models in A-line, a little further downwards. Make sure that the shirt jacket does not end on the strongest part of your hips, because that draws attention to it. Vertical stresses like a long, narrow shawl collar stretch optically.


How to combine shirt jackets and boleros sporty?

Boleros and shirt jackets can be combined versatile. For casual look fit as to T-shirts and spaghetti straps tops or warm the shoulders to breezy summer dresses. Under Bolero long tops they particularly well, for example, a short-sleeved long tunic or long blouse. It is best to choose the jacket plain, so it goes with many different outfits.


How to combine Boleros festive?

Boleros are the perfect complement to strapless cocktail and evening dresses, as they emphasize the feminine silhouette and elegant act as a cardigan. For festive occasions, the jacket should be made of high-quality, fine materials such as velvet, shiny satin or fine lace. Contrasting it looks good when the Bolero unify is held and picks up a tone from the outfit again.


Further information:

Colors: black, white, beige, gray, red, blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange, green, brown, colorful, silvery.

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