Shopping List on Your Mobile Phone Without App!

Shopping is a boring task for most people, but it’s something that needs to be done with certain frequency. A shopping list can facilitate and reduce the time spent in a supermarket. Some people prefer to make a shopping list on paper, but with so many smartphones out there, use the cell phone can be more interesting.

Install apps from shopping lists in General requires you to enter or create the list using the phone and its small screen. It’s much better to do the shopping list by PC keyboard, collaboratively and as if remembering the items and only use the phone at the time of doing the shopping. There is a simple way to do this that even requires the installation of apps. Use a shared spreadsheet on Google Drive.

See step by step how to make your purchases using a worksheet:

Using your Google account, create a spreadsheet with the list of purchases.

Place each item to be purchased in a line, with a column of numbers.

Share this spreadsheet with the people who will buy along with you (wife, husband, kids, etc. ..)

Before you start shopping, call the mobile data network from your phone (3 g or Wi-Fi from the supermarket).

Every one who is doing the shopping should get a shopping cart for you.

At the time of purchase, open the worksheet in each cell using the browser you already have installed.

Every item that you get to put in the shopping cart, use before the Drive button that will scratch the item on the shopping list. This button appears when you click on an item for editing.

All you’re doing summer purchases the items being scratched and will know that that item is already being bought by another.

So, instead of having a cart only and all had to be scratching the items in the same list, the purchase is made collaboratively and ends up much faster.

In the screenshot below you can see a shopping list open in Google Drive using the Chrome browser on Android.

In this other image, the same shopping list is open using the app from Google Drive, also on Android. App installation is optional, but the worksheet is faster and the app than in the browser.

Ready! This method allows you to make purchases without installing any app and still being able to add items to the shopping list whenever you remember, wherever you are! Every month, the shopping list can be reused, just adding items that change their brand or trading items for others. Each month will be easier and faster to do the shopping! Viva technology!

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