Side Ponytail Braid Wedding Hair

Among the wedding hairstyles latest, the side tail is much loved by those looking for a look romantic but simple, not too sophisticated. Many associate the queue to minimal and saucy styles, but this type of hairstyle can be declined in many different ways, to suit any bride. From the traditional to the most romantic bride and Country chic, tail caters for all tastes and needs, easy to style but still very elegant. And if you do not want to go to the hairdresser, you can have fun creating for themselves your hairstyle to your liking.
Styles and tips for those who love the side tail

The lateral line is a type of Beautygenerate more modern, original and romantic but at the same time minimalist chic. First of all, to decide how to style your hair for the big day, you’ll have to choose the type of tail that suits you. The side tail can be low and soft, high and sophisticated, but it can also be an original plot, much loved by the most romantic.


If your intent is to emphasize the décolleté, wearing maybe a nice corset bodice with care , the high-side tail will be right for you, because it will help to highlight the neck and, with a nice pair of shiny earrings, you will look for real princesses. If you wear a wedding dress soft slipped, the low ponytail or braid will give you that much bon ton natural and romantic touch. The side tail really suits any style, you can just very little to decline this hairstyle, so simple in appearance, in various ways. Of course, the lateral low ponytail or braid is recommended to those seeking a Country or Boho Chic look, combined with wreaths of flowers or colored clasps that are matched perfectly with the typical saucy outfits of these styles.

If you are more for tradition, transform your tail in a semiraccolto woven, wear a tiara or a beautiful classic veil and you’re done. The side tail can also become a small chignon jaunty and become the right hairstyle for your vintage wedding, perhaps combined with a nice chic hat.

How to style the side tail

The lateral tail can be simple, without any kind of decorations, or it can be a real hairstyle sophisticated, even in its natural simplicity. Simply apply precious clips or styled flowers in your hair and your look will change in a few moves. The effect disheveled longer used by cheeky brides, it is very trendy, with rebel strands and curls that caress your face, but also the classic tail with no hair out of place suits the bride of 2015, simple and minimal. With this type of hairstyles is important to carefully choose the bridal makeup and accessories to match. It emphasizes the lips, eyes, look themed clips, from flowers to points of light, or try simple ribbons in their hair, and the tail will become so simple that sported a touch of style not indifferent.