Site Shows Twitter Users Home

People share things on social networks. Sometimes, as we tire of seeing, too much. A site that was highlighted this week takes advantage of this information to perform a spell that can make a lot of troubled people: search tweets with the word “home” (home English), combine them with geographic location information, and set up a kind of dossier showing exactly where the Internet lives (or supposedly lives). Horrible.

While I was writing the first paragraph of this article, the WeKnowYourHouse.Com apparently went off the air. Not before showing the amount of data that people put on the network without knowing it. This service, an experiment privacy according to the creators, was the intersection of information and showed a page with the right address, the Street View window showing the location and even a map of the surroundings.

The blog Naked Security of company security Sophos reminds profile on Twitter (our site reported the case) that garnered photo credit and debit cards issued by uncompromisingly users microblog. It was another “experiment” to show that Internet users share things that should not – we do not think you should at least.

Worried? It is very easy to modify the Twitter settings to no longer recognize their geographical location. Break, the microblog allows you to erase all geographic data to tweets that have already entered in your profile. It’s up to you.