Six ‘safe’ Samsung Galaxy Note 7-Mobiles Goes up in Flames

New, exchanged copies of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 still have serious problems. All six new editions are at the weekend has gone up in flames.

The launch of this autumn-top model Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been anything but optimal for Samsung.

In an attempt to overtake Apple in on with an even earlier launch of the phone than last year are there serious manufacturing defects into the phone slipped, there have been the battery to short-circuit, overheat and break out in flames.

Samsung tackled problems quite quickly the 2.September, where the manufacturer has withdrawn all 2.5 million copies sold so far. Since sales resumed in several parts of the world, after a large batch of Note 7 has been produced all over again with a new battery that does not have the same problems.

It has certainly been the announcement from Samsung, but there are indications that the ‘safe’ versions of Note 7 is not as safe anyway. The first story about a case of a new, exchanged Note 7, which went up in flames, came forward last Friday. Since there are over the weekend made a further six cases, pointing in the direction of, the problems are certainly not disappeared yet.

  • In Kentucky in the United States there was fire in a Galaxy Note 7, which filled a sleeping room with smoke Bell 4 at night. The owner of the phone were sent to hospital with røgforgiftning.
  • A 13-year-old girl from Minnesota in the United States got burns on his hand, after a new Note 7 if ignited.
  • In Taiwan it is gone out of a woman’s pants, then the phone went up in smoke in her pocket.
  • An owner of a new Note 7 in South Korea saw the phone even ignitewhile he was at a baseball game.
  • A second case in South Korea took place at a Burger King, where, however, it is still uncertain whether it is a new, repaired phone. The majority of the South Korean Note 7-mobiles are, however, reportedly exchanged, so it is quite likely.
  • A man in the city of Houston in Texas, the United States saw that his Note 7 If ignited in the Middle during a dinner with his wife and daughter.

The many cases of new, exchanged versions of Note 7, which, according to Samsung should be safe, turns out so to still be affected by the problems.

The question is whether it actually has been the battery manufacturer Samsung SDI, which initially had quality problems, or whether the cause is to be found somewhere else on the phone, now that phones with batteries from the second battery producer, Amperex Technology Limited, apparently also are struggling with the same problem.

Samsung has, according to the South Korean Yonhap News newspaper has already decided to stop the production of Note 7, but the manufacturer has not yet announced officially that the problems from reoccurring.