Skirt Length According to Height

Mini or Maxi, narrow pencil skirts, flowing, or the model? Fashion Site guidelines were issued by the choice of skirt.

Skirt hemline can change the body proportions , it already knew.But do you know how your height will help in finding a flattering silhouette?

Favorite skirt has not been forced to abandon, even if it is according to these guidelines would be the best for you. However, the tips may be helpful in situations where you want the dress to be the most flattering!

Small-Sized Women, the Length of Less Than 160 cm

A-Line Mini Skirt

Siro is coming with are now lucky days for women, namely autumn’s trendiest model – a brief, high waist and A-line minari – dresses them beautifully.


Wraparound Skirt

Revealing the legs and hips emphasizing kietaisumalli suitable sirolle body.


Halkiolliset Skirts

Skin-revealing slit lighten a longer skirt, and is ideally suited for small-sized women.


Medium Length Women, a Length of About 160-175 cm

Midi-Length Pencil Skirt

You shine your legs inconvenient at the midi-what in the future.Trendy model looks flattering on a narrow pencil version. View more description on


A-line, Knee-Length Skirt

Vilauta more in a shorter legs, knee or slightly above the extending skirt. Widening the model is now on the surface.


Frilled Hem

A mermaid hem, or frilly, only flared skirt hem model looks gorgeous medium-long women. You will be able to carry the exciting hamosen honor!


Long Women, More than 175 cm


Long can be used in high spirits midi-length skirts. Try swaying version!



Maxi long women come into their own maintenance.


Classical Minari

Just a little one skirt can not reveal too much säihkysääriäsi, so choose the most fitting hips model, which is a little longer.