History of Smartwatches

Smart watches are really long here. We will have a separate article on their history and decades of development that have gone on to reach today’s revival of the idea of a computer on hand of consumers. Perhaps today’s generation smart watches already talking about powerful computers in the form of a wristwatch, not computerized watches, but anyway it is accepted concept. In the next hundred lines we will try to do recapitulation market of smart watches last year, which actually began to be called the “next big thing”.
Things have moved in recent years when small niche of “smart” watches suddenly started to become more and more crowded. The battle for market positions began even before more manufacturers have completely finished products. Along with independent entrepreneurs and small producers (Pebble), which for many years were the only attempting in the field, the game suddenly joined the big fish. In 2014 several technology giants have their proposals (Samsung, Sony, Qualcomm) market, and some even already launched the second and third generations. New strong market premieres (LG G Watch, Moto 360) expect every time. Check out http://www.tucsonsmartwatches.com/, you will be amazed. Everyone else started to insure and to announce that they will enter the segment soon. For some it became clear that not sleep and have developed wearable electronics for quite some time, but others recently listened and need urgently to prepare products for the public. The participation of major is a sure sign that these products will soon reach completion and utility that make them interesting and desired by the mass buyer. Our great article will attempt to guide you in the current situation, and if successful in persuading – to assist you in purchasing choices. We will look at the available products on the market and premiers promised by the end of the year.

But first we need to clarify one case. At the moment it’s not clear which way will direct the technology in terms of computing power and general principles of work of smart watches. Whether they will be independent of connected devices, building its own independent ecosystem of applications or will be a sort of remote displays for more powerful electronics (phones, assembly) which will be companions? Both options are fully technologically possible present and real today, but who would be more effective and enforced in the coming years? The decision is clearly not completely cleared as a concept and it will show the long-term practice of entering this electronics among mainstream consumers. We have offers on the market operating in both approaches. Almost all real smart watches from the new generation are not independent and rely on Bluetooth wireless connection to your smartphone or tablet user. In this connection, they can use the processing power, location data, internet connection, GPS-sensors and connected devices, and receive “free upgrade” when the main unit receives software or hardware upgrades. Among the options available, which can take calls like Handsfree (Gear), while others do not allow making calls (Pebble). Fully autonomous proposals module USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module) from renowned manufacturers now gone, but in a few months will be guaranteed on the market. We will write down in the article. Otherwise, almost all Chinese meaningless suggestions are always include phones and GSM module, but otherwise are pretty stupid.  With the device it will be possible to track daily activities when connected to electronic devices, as well as connect to the internet.