Something About Trench Coats

The colored trench coats are very fashionable for winter 2012, are cute and glamorous, perfect for the cold season with coloring style. The trench coats and coats colored have been proposed in many beautiful versions from Valentino, his creations have been sported by many star. These trenches are quite showy but in my opinion, if matched well, can be a perfect alternative to classic colors or traditional models.

The trouble is that these coats are adorable but also very expensive, so we have to get the alternative low cost in economic fashion stores, at least to see if we like, once they are running you might think about buying a better one. The leather coats colored have sported them many celebrities, Lady Gaga chose a Valentino model in a beautiful emerald green that matched in pumps and hair coordinated, of course you need not be over the top as she does, you can let the hair of your natural color.

Rachel Zoe opts for a model very cute blue / turquoise, but this color does not inspire me very much, it is too flashy for my taste. Far more successful the look of Blake Lively who chooses a red coat Red Valentino embellished with ruffles frou frou that make this set very saucy. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley finally opts for a simple and casual model tan leather and buttons. What is your favorite look among them? I vote for the green trench of Lady Gaga and the red of Blake Lively, it is no coincidence that they are both Valentino!