Sony Ready with New Portable Chargers

There are three new portable Chargers on the way from Sony, so you do not run completely out of power on the go

If you are going far away from civilization, but still would like to use her smartphone, then you have a dilemma. It can be hard to find an outlet in the wilderness, but a portable charger can be the solution, and Sony have just launched 3 new.

Sony CP-V3 is the little model that keeps 3000mAh, so it is possible to let most smartphones up to bursting point once. The little model is available in white, purple and blue, and the price is set at 250 dollars.

Sony CP-V5 is a step up from the small model, and you get filled well on the charger, so it can deliver 5000mAh on the go. That should be enough for a couple of ganges backfill so there is for a few days. The middle size available in white, black, blue and green and costs 300 dollars.
Sony CP-V10 is the big brother, and there can also be loaded 10000mAh. In other words, there is enough energy to either a few units charge cycles, or one can get energy to a small week to its smartphone. There is only one black model, and the price is set at 500 dollars.

All 3 models come to Denmark in november this year.