Sony SBH70-Wireless and Talent Full Headset [Test]

Sony SBH70 wireless headset combines many qualities in an affordable headset.

Wireless sound was with a highly topical, since Apple in autumn chose to scrap the jack-plug into iPhone 7.

For this purpose, the company created a dedicated wireless headset, Airpods, which, however, not quite cheap and only get to October.

Sony does however have a snus reasonable alternative in the headset SBH-70 because it is affordable and just as waterproof as the new iPhone 7.

Sony SBH-70 specifications

Type: in-ear, open
Dimensions: 26 cm, 26 grams
Cable length: 21 cm
Audio: 14 mm drivers, 35-18,000 Hz response
Microphone: ECM, HD Voice
Battery: 125 mAh, 6 hours streaming, 8.5 hours Talktime, 650 hours of standby
Charging: micro-USB
Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0, aptX-support
Moreover: NFC, vibration, IP57 water-repellent
Colors: Black, blue, lime green, pink and white
Price: under 500 dollars

Sony SBH-70 is built up as a half-necklace, where two short wiring runs out of either end and further up tine ears.

The necklace is soft and pliable, despite the fact that it contains both battery, buttons, and electronics. The whole is coated with soft silicone that makes setup very comfortable – and so is the IP57-approved, making SBH-70 can tolerate being washed or soaked in water.

The two small headphones, on the other hand, are cast in hard and easy plastic. Unlike newer in-ears are sitting not quite close – which provides an open design that makes the sound from the outside can penetrate.

The weight of the cord is at 26 grams and these are mainly distributed in front of neck bracket, which means that these don’t flop, neither during the run or at the gym.


Simple setup

Mating takes place via Bluetooth 3.0 and the sound transmitted wirelessly over the audiophile aptX-standard – technical set of distorted sound therefore minimally before reaching out to earplugs.

The actual setup takes just a few seconds via NFC or your smartphones Bluetooth settings. Now you can control both the volume, start/stop, forward/reverse and on/off from the neck of the hanger – it works very well with the built-in buttons as long as you have learned how the different is located at.

A built-in vibration function is also handy. It vibrates when an incoming call is on the way – and therefore, you will not miss any calls, despite the fact that you have picked out the earplugs.

Good, iPhone’sk sound

Sonically, makes Sonyen a good shape, with a lydsignatur there in great style reminiscent of Apple’s own Earpods. Bass depth, openness and diskantens between the tone sound is all approved and in addition to a trust imprecise midtones delivered there a good all-round sound which will serve the majority.

The open design provides, however, a weakness, for it lets all external sound penetrate over the music – and when SBH70 at the same time not playing particularly high, it can be hard to hear exactly what is being said or the game if you have a noisy big city around you.

Despite the unimpressive maxvolumen is Sony capable as headset, for the built-in noise reduction filter out noise from your surroundings – even efficiently the car and in rush hour traffic.

The battery itself is lit to clear 8 ½ hour of music between each pitstop-something which it both provides and even surpass if that is kept on the Office level. Charging takes place via an included micro-USB cable.


Perfect for iPhone 7

I suspect Sony very much for having used Apple’s Earpods as a starting point when SBH-70 was to. The decision gives now, approximately one year after the launch of the headset, meaning – for iPhone 7 users now have an obvious alternative to the lightning-wired headset.

The price is in the meantime smoked down into an extremely reasonable price range, where price premium compared to Apple’s Wired EarPods is less than two hundred dollars. On the other hand, these so both wireless and waterproof.

When the headset functions and operating time is at the same time is fully satisfactory, deserving the price cheap headset a top marks.