Sony will have Android in TV

The Japanese electronics giant puts unlike the competition Google’s software in all of its new televisions – and updates its smartwatch.

The world’s largest

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest consumer electronics fair. It is held the sixth-ninth January 2015 in the gambling town Las Vegas in the desert state of Nevada in the southwestern corner of the United States.

The exhibition space at the fair, which is only for professionals, covering 171,800 square meters, or about 24 football fields or 215 individual houses and is expected to draw more than 150,000 visitors from more than 140 countries – which is three times the number of slot machines at Las Vegas’ main shopping street, The Strip. Of these, the 30,000 visitors being foreign, ie twice as many as the population of the Greek volcanic island of Santorini.

3,500 exhibitors are ready. If a visitor to reach past all the exhibition stands, he / she will have walked about 24 kilometer.

The first CES exhibition took place in 1967 in New York. The fair is held every year and has laid scene for many technology debuts. Since 1978, it has been held in Las Vegas.

Only the US forbrugerelektronibranche turnover of one year for 208 billion dollars (1,289 billion Danish kroner) – more than 5,000 times greater than the highest jackpot prize that has ever won in Las Vegas, namely 39.7 million dollars. Th.

LAS VEGAS, USA: All Sony’s 2015 models on TV page will be equipped with Google’s operating system Android TV.

This is part of the Japanese electronics giant’s support for Android, which is also the interface used on the latest version of Sony’s smartwatch, SmartWatch third

“All our 2015 TV will run on the new Android TV platform,” said the general manager of Sony Electronics, Mike Fasulo, when Sony introduced its news on the world’s largest consumer electronics fair, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the gambling town Las Vegas the southwest corner of the United States.

Competitors choose from Android

Thus, Sony almost by going it alone among the major TV manufacturers. South Korean LG has chosen to focus on his own, now updated operating system WebOS, Japanese Panasonic has signed an agreement with Mozilla Organization to use Firefox OS as its TV operating system, and South Korean Samsung, the world’s largest TV manufacturer, now puts its own Tizen user interface into all new flat panel televisions.

Philips, which today is produced by TP Vision, also stick in using Android. Sony emphasizes that it is a user interface, as many already know from their mobile phones or tablet PCs, and are therefore easy to go to.

Sony, like other electronics giants have chosen to save the news in the mobile market to the world’s largest mobile phone trade show, Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona in Spain in February.

updated clock

Also on the otherwise much-publicized area of ​​technology to take on are put on stand. Sony, however, its newest watch, SmartWatch 3, ready for a release in stainless steel. With a new holder can use regular 24 mm watch straps, and even without a connected Android phone can SmartWatch play music, using its built-in sensors and GPS.

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