Sony Xperia Z2: One Small Step for Sony

Bottom line: The Sony Xperia Z2 comes at the right time to match wits with Samsung and HTC. It is in the test top Smart phone class display, strong camera with elegant housing with IP58 protection. Compared to its predecessor, it is only a slight upgrade.

Sony Xperia Z2: One Small Step for Sony

Sony Xperia Z2: Improved Display And Housing

In October 2013, that came Sony Xperia Z1in the trade. Only six months later, Sony throws the successor on the market. With the Xperia Z2 at electronicsmatter, Sony has taken no great leap forward. However, the noble Z2 eliminates some weaknesses of its predecessor. The full HD screen is now 5.2 inches tall and shows significantly improved one point: side looking at the bright and sharp display remains stable. So Sony says goodbye to one of its oldest problems. However reflects the screen very much, what screwed up the fun of mobile phones in the field. The larger display, the Z2 is slightly longer than its predecessor Z1 but actually narrower, thinner and lighter. The Z2 acts as a whole better handles, edges and corners are rounded off in favor of ergonomics more pleasant. Under the flap on the side of microSD and USB port hide microSIM. According to Sony, the Z2 is certified according to IP58. By definition, this means that it is safe and suitable for “continuous immersion” from “Dust in damaging quantities”. Thus, the Sony Smartphone is better protected than Samsung Galaxy S5.

Sony Xperia Z2: Battery And Acoustics

The Z2 offers very good battery life. The 3,200 mAh powerful battery bringing it to around 10:37 hours of telephone life and strong 8:21 surfing time at full screen brightness. These are about two hours more than the predecessor brought about. The completely empty battery charging time is shorter than for the Z1 with just over three hours. Somewhat weaker, but still at a high level, the phone acoustics is. While sound and volume are good, often interfere with a Crackle in the line. The music player is acoustically excellent, whose many Equalizer presets and sound profiles bring everything from your MP3s out. Above and below the display are narrow stereo speakers which emit good sound.

Sony Xperia Z2: Connectivity

The Z2 is equipped with all mobile communications standards and ports, which must have a modern Smartphone. NFC, Wi-Fi-ac, LTE Cat4, HSPA + and a MHL-enabled microUSB port are on board. Also the slot for microSD cards has succeeded in the Z2. With up to 128 GB memory cards, so the 16 GB expand large internal storage space (11.5 GB free).

Sony Xperia Z2: Camera

For Sony’s camera software downhill since the Z1 somehow. Xperia Z1, Z1 compact and Z2 have basically the same camera hardware. A 20.7-mega pixel-snapping sensor with LED Flash and 1/2.3 inch large Exmor RS. Our Test images do not get closer to the quality of the Z1. The recordings are not perfectly sharp, only 578 Deadleaves LOW10 line pairs are not good. Also the color fidelity is not optimal, the distortion is, however, fine. Summa Summarum is the cam of the Z2 is not perfect and long is not the best on the market, overall an average cell phone camera.

Sony Xperia Z2: Performance&Os

Newest Android with updated UI and the one or other exclusive feature, to Sony’s own services. The Japanese introduce any major new features with Android 4.4 and its new user interface. Instead the already good and friendly adaptation is UI extended with fine features. The drop-down menu is divided into two areas. An area shows only alerts the other shortcuts for settings, Wi-Fi and co. A new feature that is missing its predecessors, is wake-up known by Nokia and LG, among others by call-waiting. Tap twice on the display, to activate it. Who like it, you will get with Sony’s video and music stores of additional paid content on the mobile phone. What about the pace of work?Working in the Z2 the Snapdragon 801 with 2.3 GHz clock rate, to get 3 GB of RAM. Despite the premium hardware, the Z2 reached not Super liquid Galaxy S5 and one M8 performance. The pace of work is very high and the app loading times, fall short on but Mikroruckler us.

Sony Xperia Z2: Alternative

If you now access to the Xperia Z2, you pay in online tradingaround 365 euros. The barely defeated predecessor costs only approximately 325 euro at various online providers. That Sony Xperia Z1 impresses today with class design, very good sound and good battery life. Also have the update to the latest Android version 4.4 is available. If you have not the newest, latest, it always does the top 10 Smartphone Z1.