Sony XSPN1BT: Carplay Sony Style

Smartphone and car, which cannot be reconciled easily. Depends on the Smartphone to a ugly suction cup holder on the windshield or it somewhere flying around in one of the shelves in the car. The Sony XSPN1BT shows the accommodation of a Smartphone in a car can be as simple and elegant…

The auto industry departs fully on the Smartphone users – a smart system, to use its Smartphone makes sense in the car, but it is not in sight. Apple’s CarPlay was already announced, but is not yet available. MirrorLink by HTC is available only at Volkswagen. Otherwise, the use of smartphones in the car only by ugly cell phone holder for the windscreen and Bluetooth is to solve car kits.

The Sony XSPN1BT is a car radio with CD drive that fits into a double-DIN-slot. Comfortable on the Sony solution: on the front a Smartphone holder was integrated into the landscape, so that the Smartphone can be used as a touch display for the car radio.

As soon as you put up the Smartphone in its holder, the two devices first pair of NFC, where the data is then transferred via Bluetooth. Although the dock on the radio for the use of a Sony Xperia Z or Z1 is designed, but also smart phones of other manufacturers can be coupled with the device and integrated into the dock. These are not charged then simultaneously on the Sony-owned dock pins.

Positive also: Instead of a reduced Auto mode to change the Smartphone remains fully functional. Free app also the functions of the radio and the CD player can be continue to use – and call about speaking freely via supplied microphone or trigger even the Google voice search.

The Sony XSPN1BT 268,-euros at Amazon and is currently probably the most elegant solution to take advantage of its Smartphone in the car.