Speed Test: Here Are the Fastest 4 G Phones and Tablets

The team behind test-app JoikuSpeed, releases the list of the world’s fastest 4 g phones, tablet devices and networks.

The team behind test-app JoikuSpeed, releases list of the fastest tested 4 g phones, tablet devices and networks.

A competitor to speed test Speedtest.net releases today report about the fastest 4 g phones, tablet devices and networks. The survey was developed by Finnish JoikuSpeed and Aalto University in Helsinki.

The figures are based on a comprehensive data basis. Of 384,000 individual measurements is done, spread over 2000 different devices from over 200 manufacturers. The results tested at the same time the network with over 700 different operators in 184 countries.

With the large dataset, kåre TeliaSonera’s 4 g network Joikuspeed can in Finland as the world’s fastest.Together with LG’s flagship G3 could network and mobile patterns download speeds of 137.8 Mbps, close to the theoretical maximum of 150 Mbps. Record poll took place in the southern part of Helsinki.

Pride with LG

The result arouses pride with LG’s Nordic product specialist Susanne Persson. She explains: “ We are very proud of the record result for LG G3 in JoikuSpeeds and Aalto University’s competition […] We know that LG is strong within the 4 g development and have a large share of LTE patents, but it is always nice to get confirmed, especially when the result is as specific as here.”

Susanne Person points out, moreover, that 3 LG 3 units are in the top 10. Can LG LG G2 and Nexus 5 Note for respectively 4. and 7. -square.

LG’s Korean rival, Samsung, also dominates in the top. Here can Samsungs last three top models, Galaxy Note 3, S5 and S4+, boast respectively second-, third-and fifth place.

Nokia, Sony and Apple in the sub-top

Joikuspeed points out that 30 units managed to deliver over 90 Mbps. In the Top 30 of speed measurements are the flagships from Apple, Sony and Nokia all to find.

A larger absent producer at the top is the HTC, which is either not measured over 90 Mbps, or not is measured over the 400 times, which is the minimum requirement in order to appear in the database.

Newer models are not included in the results, since they are not reached in the test starting at the beginning of June 2014.

TDC among elite

Among the 700 tested network providers, is the only Danish operator TDC to find in the small circle of nine providers that can deliver over 90 Mbps in download.

The study is based on data collected with JoikuSpeed and Netradar applications during the period from 5.June 2014 to 15. September 2014. You can read the report prepared by the Aalto University here.