Sports You Can Do for Free

In sports, many people think of sports paid, such as a gym or a pool. An often-mentioned excuse to not have to work out is that they have no money for it. But there are also many opportunities to play sports for free. What can you do for free sport? What opportunities are there any?

Sports Free

Why would you spend money on a gym or sports lessons, when you work for free? For many people, paid sports a reason for not exercising: they would rather spend their money on other things.You have to pay money to play sports in places, does not mean you can not free sports. There are plenty of opportunities to practice and are still working on your fitness and free weight.

Walking And Running

You do not need to treadmill walking and running. The walking and running in nature can also have a relaxing effect.You can also take any other road, keep it interesting move. Alternatively, you can go a little further away. You then go somewhere by car back and it can enjoy hiking or running. So you also see a different environment. Do you have a dog? Ideally, a dog also needs exercise and so you are bound to walk every day several times. Make it a nice hike, where both you and the dog does something about it!
Also very nice is the NS hikes. You can download it for free. You will go from one station to another. You will encounter beautiful nature and it only cost you a ticket.


The Netherlands is a true cycling country! So grab your bike and get moving! Bicycles can be quite strenuous and is therefore an excellent way to get good move. There are many cycling and thanks to the road junction, you can do all kinds of different ways. There are also some special bicycle tours. You have to find them for a certain fee, but there are also plenty of free cycling detailed on


Not necessarily swim in a pool. If the weather is nice, you can also go to the ocean or a lake. There are several places in the Netherlands where you can swim well and what it will cost you a penny. If you go in the morning, you can usually find more rest. Young people often sit still in school, and this makes swimming a lot easier.


During the winter months there are many places you can go ice skating for free. A great way to get some exercise.Of course, you need to check carefully whether the ice is passable. It is dangerous if the ice is too thin. You can also challenge yourself while skating. Take for instance a stopwatch and try to make a round within a certain time.

Sport in And Around The House

At home you can do well all types of sports exercises. Consider printing, crunches, jumping jacks and other exercises. On the Internet you can find a variety of exercises. For example, look on Youtube. You can also jump rope or hooping. This can occur, for example, in the garden and it gives you a lot of extra conditioning. And how about climbing stairs? If you every day a couple of times in a row down the stairs and you will certainly notice. You can even go clean. Flink cleaning is namely equal to a good workout.

Together Sporter

Sports together is a great way to stay motivated. For many people paid subscribers a reason to continue with sports. If you want to exercise free, it can help to do it with someone else. You can also challenge each other and this can make the exercise more interesting.