Spot LED

The LED spot is at the forefront of fashion. Indeed, this light is often used for its practicality and space saving. The downlight LED is a light which serves both ceiling lamp (LED ceiling light) but also decorative. He agrees with a modern and contemporary style and is very suitable for internal and external use.

LED Spot: A Modern Interior and Trend

Using LED spot as indoor fixture remains an ideal solution to save space in your room. Indeed, LED recessed saves space on your ceiling and prevents you from knocking yourself against a chandelier or suspension.

LED Spot: For large parts

Large rooms such as living rooms, dining rooms and the kitchen may require a bulky light, powerful and durable. To do so, it is necessary to install several types of lighting Spot Recessed. The LED lighting: recessed light offers in addition to energy savings, given the number of recessed spot that you will use. It is also wise to make use of LED spotlight ramp. LED recessed to give a sumptuous lounge effect, very chic and very modern.

Placed just above a kitchen bar, open to the lounge, the recessed spotlights bring a jazzy effect that recall the most famous penthouse.

Some spots do not show integrated LEDs, it just enough to add a GU10 LED bulb to turn the LED spot.

LED Spot: For small parts

For the rooms, hallways and entrances, it is not necessary to have large spots alignments. For starters, one will suffice and you can even opt for an LED downlight crystal design. As an LED luminaire, recessed spot is very beneficial for your interior. Choose the right and repeat throughout the room to a comfortable lighting.

Spot LED Exterior

The LED Downlights are not made only for private use. They are particularly interesting for use in public spaces and outside. Usually waterproof, many restaurant set up LED spotlights and LED panel to improve visibility.

Spot LED : Luminaire restaurant

Always remaining in modern design, LED spotlights remain fixtures trendy eye-catching. Put a downlight in a restaurant equivalent to optimize the lighting of your institution with an effective light.

The use of LED downlight is therefore very useful for both illuminate an institution, but also spread a cozy atmosphere and very romantic. The light is sufficient to bring comfort to the customer, without being too dazzling or too low.

LED Spot: For outdoor space

Finally, to modulate lighting during a dinner chandellex terrace, or during a walk, the use of LED downlight is the most economic solution (in terms of space and money). Indeed, a recessed spot on the floor is very shock resistant and water. You can even place them in your garden into a small path between your home and the small cabin of your child.


The Spot LED recessed luminaire is a formidable will give a very romantic and chic effect. Very modern, placing the ceiling gives it an advantage in terms of space: it will not prevent you go. The spots are widely used in the field of chic urban loft with panoramic views of the metropolis. Opting for a downlight is itself in the luxury sector.