ssw Water Storage: Alternative Remedies

Already in the 25th SSW water storage can occur. They usually appear on their legs and provide for swollen ankles. But also in the face and hands your body deposits water. Here you can find out what you can do about it.
Many pregnant women are struggling with water storage in the 25th SSW, which is why their maternity shoes and rings no longer fit via . As long as you do not have high blood pressure or increased protein in the urine, water storage is both troublesome and exhausting, but not dangerous. Midwives offer acupuncture treatments and other alternative remedies against water retention. We have summarized what these are and what you can do against the so-called edema.

Hebamment tips in the 25th SSW with water storage

Relieve your legs as often as you can. Do not stand too long and make sure that your legs are always higher when sitting. In the 25th SSW not only a balanced diet is important for water storage, but you should drink at least two liters of water daily. Do not stop taking your salt unless your doctor advises you, for example because your blood pressure is too high.Also avoid tight clothing and shoes and remove your rings so that you do not cut.

Water against water storage in the 25th SSW?

Fight water with water! A good emergency aid against thick legs is a foot bath with salt water. If you are struggling with water storage in the 25th SSW, you should move sufficiently. If you want to walk or cycle too strenuous, swimming is best. Many women also benefit from thirty-minute baths at 37 degrees. They lower blood pressure and stimulate urine production. This has a detrimental effect on water deposits. Also exchange baths or showers with subsequent brushes massage rain blood circulation and thus the liquid transport in the body.

SSW water storage? Acupuncture helps!
Many midwives also offer acupuncture treatments against water retention – without the side effects of drug therapy. Acupuncture can relieve and prevent water retention in the 25th SSW. If no improvement occurs, you should consult your doctor. Under no circumstances should you attempt to do this yourself with drainage cures. Dewatering agents, regardless of whether they are herbal or chemical, can be dangerous for the healthy development of the child.