Stand Alone Dvr Recorder for 4 Luxvision Security Cameras

Luxvision AHD-M stand alone dvr for up to 4 monitoring cameras with computer and smart phone Internet access.

Currently the image with good definition has become increasingly important so that it can identify more details in the recording.

This AHD-M Luxvision stand alone dvr allows you to use conventional analog cameras and mega pixel AHD cameras up to 1.3 resolution.

Cloud access allows you to access your images through computers and cell phones very simply without the need for advanced settings.

The AHD-M feature allows you to use mega pixel cameras with high definition images.

Technical specifications stand-alone dvr recorder Luxvision AHD-M:

Compatible with smart phones and tablets that have the Android operating system, version 3.0 or higher.

Remote access to LUXVISION equipment, from the ECD line (DVRs, NVRs and IP Cameras).

It allows the user to select the video stream to which they want to connect (Main Stream – Higher quality; Secondary Stream – Higher speed; Mobile Stream – higher speed for IP cameras).

Supports viewing of up to 80 cameras (cellular) or 108 cameras (tablet).

Allows the user to capture images from the cameras being accessed and save them to your device, or send them by E-Mail.

It allows the user to play the images already recorded on his DVR, through the Remote Play menu.

Supports PTZ control (Zoom, Focus, Iris, Pan and Tilt).

Supports push notifications;

Supports audio playback in real time (it is necessary that the device being accessed has a microphone);

Supports digital zoom in real time image viewing;

Supports access via IP address and domain access;

Supports viewing in portrait or landscape mode.

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