Stella McCartney Plus Size Lingerie

Stella McCartney presents the new collection of lingerie for spring summer 2012, romantic and chic outfits perfect for all women. The fashion of Stella McCartney goes far beyond a piece of clothing or a bra, the beautiful daughter of Paul McCartney seeks to educate all fashionistas to a sustainable fashion, eco and animal friendly, an ethical fashion that does not cost the lives of animals and even the health of our planet.

Stella McCartney: eco-fashion is chic!

Stella McCartney is famous for being first and foremost a sustainable fashion designer. In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Stella McCartney said: “For me, it’s basic principles: sustainability is important, such as recycling. Everyone can do simple things to make a difference, and every ‘little’ ‘we do really matters a lot. That said, my job is to make desirable, luxury, apparel and accessories that women want to buy knowing to choose something environmentally friendly. Depending on the season, between 20 and 30 percent of my collections contain a sort of echo or sustainable element, whether it’s a beautiful woven organic or natural dye.

Stella McCartney Lingerie Spring Summer 2012

The new collection by Stella McCartney for Spring Summer 2012 is, of course, environmentally sustainable, the complement of underwear are played on a multitude of colors and embellished with Calais lace, net, declined silk and tulle in various colors. The collection is divided into three different lines: Star Lace Lace, Mesh Star with a glorious printing star and finally Stella Smooth with bras made ​​of matte satin microfiber. The cult pieces of the new collection are two: the bra Supernatural –, a model without seams that has a structure that combines the straps with underbust in one piece, made ​​from comfortable and super chic. To celebrate the 2012 London Olympics, the designer has created a culotte embroidered and packaged in a sparkling gift box. We also have the delicious Bikini Happy Birthday, made ​​of embroidered cotton and with the profiles in powder pink. For our most romantic girlfriends there is also a beautiful bride online, refined and irresistible!

Stella McCartney: capi underwear very chic!

The collection of black Stella McCartney is embellished garments underwear perfect for night but also for a romantic awakening couple have tops, vests, blouses silk notes and much more.