Stylish Maternity Clothes Pregnancy

Hach yes, alone is the word “Maternity” it makes my cold down the back. I think of Jogging oufits, shapeless cuts, faded leggings and Jersey, Jersey, Jersey. Argh.
In pregnancy with Xaver I was relatively pragmatic was concerned what maternity wear, I wore wide stuff on, much COS was there, I shopped some clothes a few sizes larger, did much of the man and managed almost entirely without a real “fact part “by pregnancy.However – I have hardly increased, and my stomach was not SO big. I’m afraid that this time will be different. So it looks like so far, I’ll carry around by spring such a giant ball in front of me that I probably did not rumkomme to “Maternity”.

Stylish Maternity Clothes Pregnancy

And then comes the lactation and I need quiet friendly stuff-much reason to go shopping!

Pregnant in Style

How can style the belly pretty, that is me deal much in the next few weeks and months, and therefore it will be here on the blog a big issue!

I recently found some chic pregnant for our ” Pregnant in Style to photograph” series and of course I will also introduce many interesting Preggo labels. Besides, I am already find cool parts that can wear well with stomach, but which were not intended as maternity wear. Pregnancy fashion that is no! So I hope I will a lot of inspiration can offer far from Jersey-delusion.

But first time, there are now a first overview of our favorite online stores with maternity jeans. Not too fancy, not too expensive, because we do not want that stuff indeed attract forever, right?

So here my first choice of favorite parts-many of which I have quite frankly even gained me 🙂

At Zalando there are now a fairly ansehliche selection of maternity fashion, the range includes many different labels and there are really good parts here!

Simple dress by Dorothy Perkins

Shirtwaist Bellybutton (going Also still breastfeeding!)

Lumberjack Shirt Topshop

Skinny jeans with hole Topshop (which is not until the very end, but still)

Classic white blouse with bows of Jojo Maman Bebe

Wool dress with Still function of Noppies

Asos is a hit in terms of Pregnancy Fashion. The selection is huge and at Asos you will almost always find it!

Wine Red Belted Coat

Pink knitted dress with lacing

Shirt with black print

Dress made of plaited knitting

Really good: Combination of pants and top

For New Year’s Eve? Maxi dress with Cape

Boyfriend Shirt with stripes

Also for the holidays – Jumpsuit Lurex

Why always jeans? Black ankle length trousers

Sweater dress with stripes

Figurbetonets Dress Space pattern

For the spring: dress with embroidery

Topshop-another classic. There are always parts that were just as cool as the “normal” Topshop fashion, but just continue to cut!

Casual coat with belt

Dress with embroidery

Bodycon dress with dots and stripes

Yes Must be really fast, right? a black dungarees

Karirtes, casual shirt

Vertbaudet-here I had plenty of prejudices because Vertbaudet I actually find rather stuffy. But there are actually some (very French sounding) pretty preggo Part!

Red Umstandshose

Very French! Augestellter Mantel mit Leader Details


And another very French Jeanskleid

How do you do it so in pregnancy? Shoppt her or it carries on her things that somehow fit? My plan is to go shopping this time and resell the stuff after that!