Such Live Streamer You Google’s Large Pixel-Event

Next week presents Google the two long-awaited Pixel-smartphones along with a wide variety of other hardware. See here how you live streame event.

After months of rumors, it is soon time for Google to reveal the two long-awaited Pixel-phones, like HTC produces for Google.

The other day we were invited by Google therefore for the big event on 4. October, where the company has since marketed date unheard much compared to what is customary.

Now approaching Google’s event fast approaching, for on YouTube have the it giant, has now published the official video, from which you can live streame event from California.

The video shows now also the time for when it all kicks off: Tuesday 4. October 18:00 o’clock you should therefore sit ready if you want to be among the first to see what Google has of exciting news.

A lot of new hardware in store

And just what is in store is not the great doubt. Multiple sources from Google have revealed which products, you can look forward to Tuesday evening. In addition to the two much-publicized Pixel-phones, Google will also present a new Chromecast Ultra, which supports the high 4 k-resolution. The price will be, in turn, also twice the current Chromecast – so around the 600 dollars.

In addition, you can expect a so-called Google Home-unit, which basically is a speaker to place anywhere in your home. The internet is connected and running with Google Now-assitenten, so you can ask Google for advice on anything. The price of this will be $ 129 – reportedly about 1,179 crowns. Same price tag gets a third unit – namely a so-called Google WiFi router, which will stand out by making it easy to connect several of these for an even better coverage and internet speed than normal.

Then there is of course also the latest big news, which is a teaser for the merger of the two operating systems, Google’s Android and Chrome OS. The project goes by the name Andromeda and is expected to first clear during 2017. It is reported, however, that Google still will come briefly into the project.

In other words, there is every reason to keep up with Google’s livestream, when it all soon go loose. The mobile site also, of course, follows Google’s huge event and covers all the major news from there.