Sugru – Protect and Make Your Smartphone

Sugru is the name of an adhesive and curing rubber mass that can both protect and repair your smartphone.

There is now a product that is not in one way or another, are turning to smartphones or tablets. And yet another product category are ready-Sugru which is an adhesive and curing rubber lump to “everything”-ranging from repairing your smartphone to protect it.

In order to take advantage of Sugru, as protection, you may cause the rubber matrix on the corners of the phone. Sugru is a patented silicone technology, and can be shaped just like you know it from clay and/or plasticine.

Once you’ve used it on you must so Sugru goes there 24 hours and so it has a fixed form and is durable silicone rubber, as well as waterproof and can even tolerate a dishwasher.

You can buy a package with 8 × Sugru rubber for about 120 dollars. You can read more about Sugru here.