Summer Hair Trend Bronde

Hair bronde, the new color of summer 2014. The coolest shades is bronde. A new term that is born from the marriage between two words: brown and blonde, a fusion between the Brown and blond. A hot color that is depopulating especially among the stars: from the beautiful Gisele Bündchen to American sweetheart Jennifer Aniston, passing through the soft Jennifer Lopez.

The bronde is a color that can be customized, depending on the base of your hair that can be more or less dark than departure. After the great return of the Classic Brown and the continued dominance of blond shade from shades of gold is the most popular. The bronde is not a uniform color, nor the result of treatments like shatush, light effect or the balayage, which emphasize the gap between net between castano and blond but has warm tones and makes it seem like your hair naturally bathed in sunshine.

It also has the advantage of illuminating the face while not a true blonde. The base color is a light brown that lightens gradually towards effect lengths super nature. Looks very good on a face or dark-skinned brunette, an example on all star Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian who have confidently. For blondes is a different nuance and a way to change the look, without renouncing the Crown. For a cool effect on bronde va enhanced with a natural make up on the pink.

The national and international vip are crazy for bronde and show him with great elegance like Jessica Biel. The first to launch it was the Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen, which so far has never changed nuance. Between the suffering of the solid that melts the Mocha Brown and honey blonde, recreating the effect of summer light on top, even Natalie Portman who abandoned the classic Brown for a lighter tint bronde caramelized . The main feature of this color is the possibility of creating countless shades, depending on the base color. This allows you to find the perfect shades for your skin tone (more towards the blond or brown), giving a different look and decided.

In the Gallery all the most beautiful stars who have inspired the trend bronde!