Sunglasses: Back Fashion Round Lenses

It’s not a Déjà vu indeed they came back with a vengeance, the sunglasses with round lenses are embellishing again the spring summer 2010 Collections.

The proposal stripped and jovial but you can’t be too careful or any type of face looks good with glasses that have rounded shape and not round lenses.

So to avoid look more chubby stay connected in the type of glasses for your face shape.

For a perfect look, choose the sunglasses in color that best matches your skin tone via If you are brunette, black, although a favorite can confer a very heavy air, unlike metallic frames, Golden or Ambers; If you have a clear complexion, choose by blue, green frames, in turtle or Leopard pattern; a pale skin can win another lightness with glasses beiges, Ambers or with a touch of pink.

As regards the color of the lenses, you’re wrong if you think that the darker, more interest in protecting them. In reality, are the Brown lenses those that allow a better quality of vision and contrast between lightness and darkness.

Blast summer stay beautiful but learn to differentiate and fad not everything that looks great on neighbor looks nice on us! common sense above all and be happy!