Super Hexagon for Android Version Is Close… But There Are Problems with The Nexus 7

Super Hexagon It has become, almost unanimously by critics, one of the best mobile of the 2012 Games. The penalty is that it has still not debut on Android but according to Terry Cavanagh says the game is practically made so that it arrives to our phones and tablets.

Good news, despite the delay, although not entirely positive if we have a Nexus 7. Its creator has detected a bug whereby response time the Google tablet screen is quite higher than that in other devices.

The problem with all this: that makes it almost unplayable. If it were another game maybe it wouldn’t be a problem so important but in Super Hexagon is something that is intolerable. In the following video you can see the comparison of response times. Keep in mind, that Yes, that speed has been reduced by half.

At the moment the game follows with its development forward and wait launch it as soon as possible for those devices that operate without problem. Anyway, Cavanagh has assured that it is working on fixing this bug and expected to fix it to make it compatible with more devices. Among them the Nexus 7 course.