Sweaters According To Your Body Type

They sweaters are the perfect garment for those temperature changes, and due to its versatility it can be used in different temporardas of the year, it will also help you to create many types of looks.

But… What does sweater fits your body type as described in clothes selection ?

Body type shaped Apple or oval, should seek hide it round abdomen and not use fabrics that entallen this area too. The colors that suit you best are the dark, especially the black, Alternatively, wear a sweater in the same tone of your pants and do a monochromatic outfit.

If your body type is the same width in shoulder and hip and have defined waist, can then show off your curves, with items that span your body. We recommend sweaters in clear and printed colors of all kinds.You can bet on tissue fluids that adapts to the body’s curves, cross shapes and fitted sweaters that mark the waist and emphasize the harmony between the shoulders and hips. Short sweaters that reveal the abdomen will enhance your silhouette.
If your body type is narrow shoulders and wide hips, we recommend that you use sweaters in colors to give volume and make pants in a more dark colour to give balance to the silhouette. You can opt for the sweaters in deep, square “V” necks, envelopes and necks from shoulder to shoulder; If you have some kind of embellishment or application that is preferably around the neck. This type of body they benefit you much prints because they take attention to the top. The length of sweater should go just before the widest part of hip.
If your body type is wide back and narrow hip, it is that the colors of sweaters that you use to balance your silhouette, are dark at the top and that you carry color lighter at the bottom. You should avoid the prints with horizontal stripes and necks from shoulder to shoulder. He prefers the “V” neck sweaters. Select the sweaters that are fluid and fall in lightweight fabrics that do not provide more volume to your torso. If your body type is shoulders, waist and hip of the same width, we recommend that you seek sweaters Cross and carved. The sweaters of wide v-shaped necklines help you stylize the upper part of the body.Preferably choose the sweaters that are open and if you have belt best, to mark your figure.