SwiftKey Comes to iOS, But Not as Good as Android

SwiftKey is my favorite keyboard for Android and is now available for iOS. But not the way that some dreamed: as Apple does not allow the installation of third-party keyboards (and gave no sign that will allow in the future), the SwiftKey comes only as a notes application that has some of the features found in version Android, as the correction and word prediction.

Called SwiftKey Note, the application lets you take notes and exhibits a slightly modified keyboard with a top bar with three suggestions of words and formatting buttons (bold, italic, underline, Tab and markers). The notes can be saved on the device itself or Evernote.

Key features are there, as the words of correction very efficient and automatic learning; with time, the SwiftKey passes to guess, often successfully, the next word you want to type. However, still can not enter by sliding your finger across the keyboard, supported the Portuguese and there is no way to import data from your Gmail, SMS or social networking accounts.

To 9to5Mac, the SwiftKey says it considers the possibility of offering the technology to other developers can integrate the keyboard in your applications, but there is still nothing definite. For now, you can only use it in SwiftKey Note, which would be a great start, it was not the lack of support for the Portuguese in this first version.

SwiftKey Note is compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPod touch with iOS 6 or higher, but the formatting options are only available in iOS 7. It is available free on the App Store.