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Ashley Tisdale and Her Boots

The beautiful Ashley Tisdale few days ago showed off some very nice boots! I’m not familiar Ashley Tisdale, he belongs to a generation of film Disney different from mine, but we certainly can not help but notice that her look is always very cute and…
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The Boots With Medium Heels

The ‘Autumn is the season of the boots and booties but especially boots, casual chic shoes with a medium heel low that you can almost always wear, they are comfortable and thus perfect for going to work and staying away from home for the whole day…
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Texan Boots Women

In Brazil the country fashion won a well – known variation: the backlands fashion. This is our range of country style of singing with guitar, dressing of leather and wearing tight pants with shirt chess well known as typical North American and lasting until today. The various…
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How to Wear Boots for Women

How to Wear Boots for Women 1

Beautiful and high for the next season, long boots are perfect and charm filled, a shoe to draw attention wherever he goes, and that each year reinvents itself. It is a very popular piece among women especially in cold seasons, they can compose…
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Ankle Boots Azzedine Alaia

The shoes Azzedine Alaia, you know, are very few and I am not referring only to the original design and intriguing but also to the prices, really unaffordable for the average person. These ankle boots, however, are truly sensational and huge cost…
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