Cree High Power Led Recessed Light to Go in Self Made!

There are already many solutions to replace recessed halogen lamps, but so far nothing from the stool has torn me. Often only inferior offered LEDs to completely inflated prices, which can emit very little light and only very partially replace the traditional halogen lamp in the installed state. In this blog post, I will now present my […]


Mobile Led Design: Cool Light Mood for Balcony

Hugo? Hue go-the “hue to take”! Spring is fast approaching-heady days despite. And it will slowly but certainly time to usher in the barbecue on the terrace or the balcony: that uses atmospheric lighting accents at the start of the beautiful “outside time” this year new Philips hue go -the first mobile, wireless SmartHome led the ever growing Hue family of light […]


Tips-Spot, Led Bulbs and Where to Buy

In today’s post I come to tell you my experience with the purchase of lamps and lighting Spots for my apartment, and also leave some tips on how to choose and where to find these items with lower prices.


Spot LED

The LED spot is at the forefront of fashion. Indeed, this light is often used for its practicality and space saving. The downlight LED is a light which serves both ceiling lamp (LED ceiling light) but also decorative. He agrees with a modern and contemporary style and is very suitable for internal and external use.

Lighting Outdoor & Sports

Bike LED Lights Review

Dinamo most efficient are important and decisive but, without adequate lights to improved efficiency, would be useless. In this area there has been a revolution due to the constant evolution of the LED. Previously only used to flashing lights and now even to light. The main features that enhance this product are the following: Operating […]

Lighting Outdoor & Sports

Fenix TK41C LED Flashlight

The Fenix ​​TK41 is based on the Fenix ​​TK45, but there is a big difference: While the Fenix ​​TK45 is a real Flooder is and on wide-area illumination was designed, which is Fenix ​​TK41 a pure Thrower, of the manufacturer over 400 meters range offers. First of all I want to say at this point already that the Fenix ​​TK41 mastered this task brilliantly, but more […]


LED Street Lights vs Conventional

Countries, cities, community, communities, small towns… they all have problems with steadily rising energy prices and strapped coffers.Administrations try at every turn to reduce supply costs permanently, without reducing the comfort of the citizens and residents. This may immediately with economical LED streetlights happen! LED street lighting has exorbitant advantages compared to the old street lights. Besides substantially longer […]

Cell Phones

Galaxy S7 Edge VS Nexus 6 P

To evaluate the best photographic quality of the new Galaxy S7 edge of Samsung, after it has been compared to that of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy 5, we wanted to compare it with that of the Nexus 6 p, made by Huawei for Google. The Galaxy S7 rear edge is equipped with a camera that uses a sensor Sony IMX260 from 12 megapixels with optical stabilizer and Dual Pixel technology that […]


Fortis Pilot Watches

To BASELWORLD 2016 I was already with the Swiss Tradtionsuhrenmarke Fortis in conversation, to replace me a little bit about their current and upcoming watches collection. End of July I reached me then the aviation professional from Fortis (reference 704.21.11.), thus myself could give an impression of my first Fortis watch. I tell about my […]


DIY Motion Sensor Security Light

Motion sensor lights can give you peace of mind knowing that you can track the movement of your property. As the name suggests, motion sensors detect heat at moving objects, including people, animals and vehicles. Once motion is detected, welded lights come on automatically. The lights will stay on as long as motion is detected. […]