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Prices Samsung Galaxy Note II with Vodafone

It is here one of the most anticipated in October. The Samsung Galaxy Note II will arrive at Vodafone stores in the coming days but already have been able to know their prices that will accompany the rest of the month news.

Cell Phones

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Samsung with Style

Conclusion: The chic Galaxy Alpha shows in the test, it is equal to the iPhone 6, but no new Android benchmark. The battery life going right, the display is too fuzzy because of the Pentile matrix. Plus design and handling are greatest, there is a big minus for the missing microSD slot.

Cell Phones

Sony Xperia Z2: One Small Step for Sony

Bottom line: The Sony Xperia Z2 comes at the right time to match wits with Samsung and HTC. It is in the test top Smart phone class display, strong camera with elegant housing with IP58 protection. Compared to its predecessor, it is only a slight upgrade.


Samsung Wants You to Pee for Free: Only 25 Times

Samsung and the rest stops company tank & Rast start a NFC pilot project for contactless payments via Smart watch:with the Samsung gear 3S and the Sanifair access app are smart to travellers in the future with just a movement of the wrist: access to the Get Sanifair installations on German motorways.


Samsung Graphene Process

Samsung believes that it has solved the riddle of how material Graphene can be used commercially. It can result in faster, cooler, and more energy-efficient products.

Cell Phones

The Secret Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini

Conclusion: The Galaxy A3 (2016) shines thanks to the refined design and impeccable processing. Samsung has also again incorporated a microSD slot. You must make cuts of performance and equipment. About us lacked the fingerprint and LTE Cat6.


Power Sleep: an Alarm Clock that Donates CPU Cycles

Many are reminded of distributed computing projects such as Seti @ home, where small pieces of calculations were distributed over computers scattered over the Internet and donated part of their computing power during the hours of least use.

Cell Phones

Samsung Launches Galaxy Gear, Smart Watch with Built-in Camera

Device will hit stores by the end of this month Presentation held days before the IFA 2013 , technology fair that begins on Friday (6) in Berlin, Samsung introduced some of the new features of the Galaxy line for the next few months. Among the highlights for the Galaxy Gear, smart watch with built-in camera. […]

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Tablet Cheap Walmart: Check Out the Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Walmart online store is promoting a special offer of the model, which is costing today only $ $299 real. The model is a great cost benefit to those looking for a tablet for basic activities with the Android system 4.2 Jelly Bean. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet 3 Lite has a compact design that is designed to fit […]