Fashion Tips for Thin Legs

Have any questions about how to combine parts or choose what is best for your body type? We answer in the section Office Fashion. But beware: the more information you send, the more precise the suggestion. Body type, age, place and time of the event help enough. The consultants are to your wait!

Clothes Outdoor & Sports

Bershka Sport Collection

Even Bershka combines with the general celebration of the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games and after the many tributes made ​​in the past to the Stars and stripes American, reasons that it has become a real must-have in the last period, here is the tribute brand to the iconic Union Jack English. It is not the first brand to letting […]


Basic Pieces Women’s Wardrobe

Women love to shop. We always think there’s something missing in our wardrobe for another that is clogged with so many pieces of the most varied. However, we’re not always with money to buy the clothes of the moment. In fact, a person who knows how to dress well you don’t need much money. If […]


5 Steps to Choosing Your Bikini

Always choose a bikini is a complicated process and more find that better be us. For this reason, here are 6 steps to choose a bikini that is perfect to you! 1. define your Apple body shape: you tend to put your weight on your bust and belly, but your legs and hips are […]


How To Use Leggings

A garment that should be wild or complementary, has become one of the essential essentials in the closet of every woman and is that you can not deny that there are those days where you are looking for comfort, a book and delicious coffee, but It is not always possible to have these relaxing day.


Fashion World Onesie Woman Understands

They are graceful and trendy, but sometimes have some small problems. Ever tried to go to the bathroom? Here are all the drawbacks that knows well who wore them at least once. It is not clear if you follow the fashion or the kids to fashion trends. The answer, in most cases, is both. I hope you […]

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Looks for Women with Thick Thighs

Despite the overwhelming majority of women prefer a body more thin and dry, these days, have thick thighs should not be synonymous with disgrace to anyone. Unfortunately, the world of fashion does not recognize the beauty of the women more plump and so continues to make clothes so small, but so small that even Barbie could use. If you have thick thighs, your beauty can and […]