Women’s Fashion Winter: Kamaleoa Fashion

The brand of women’s fashion winter inina Kamaleoa stylist’s involvement arose Beth Corrêa with fashion and beauty world, through your experience as miss and your life. When creating your clothes and your style, aroused the interest in people by the beauty of the pieces.


Winter Fashion Week

With the closure of the 2017 international winter fashion week, you can have a reference of what will be used in the next seasons, in terms of parts. colors, shapes and materials for women’s fashion. There are many bets and elected as the main trends news designers and that promise to make the streets and turn feeling […]


Plus Size Winter Fashion

The plus size fashion this winter appears, in addition to sophisticated, light and comfortable, bringing mesh clothing in large cuts that give woman greater freedom of movement. An example of this, are tissues that appear soft and practical in focus, the so-called meshes, blends sharp Rome and plush. The winter color chart comes more discreet, in earth […]


Winter’s 10 Finest Flannel Pants

Get the pants can beat a pair of classic in flannel when it comes to stylish clothing in winter. The favorite in our eyes are medium gray, and preferably in a slightly rougher quality but the material fits perfectly in a plethora of colors and cuts.


For:4 Style Tricks

Many people have asked for me to do a post on men’s fashion. So, today is a special day for them! Runs and calls the your boyfriend, father, friend, cousin, brother, etc..


Day 121

Remember that girl? She appeared on the blog láááá on inicinho, more precisely, on Day 20. I was obsessed with my skirt and gray, in search of inspiration I found this girl on the web. At the time, the summer was still pumping so I couldn’t really be inspired in the wintry weather to make the look.


Handmade Children’s Knit Blouses

Today we still find women who have the hot craze to knit children knit sweaters, a craze that really makes a lot of success. Children need comfort and warmth to cope with the cold days, and especially in the southern states where the cold is inevitable every year, nothing better than betting on warm parts.


Sweaters According To Your Body Type

They sweaters are the perfect garment for those temperature changes, and due to its versatility it can be used in different temporardas of the year, it will also help you to create many types of looks.