Decoration of Apartment Terraces – Photos

Apartment Terraces Decoration Photos and Models Many people want to decorate the terrace of the apartment, and this decoration is becoming more and more common so do not miss suggestions and models ready for you to check and see what you can do in your apartment.And with the Apartment Terraces Decoration that we have brought it […]


Power Sleep: an Alarm Clock that Donates CPU Cycles

Many are reminded of distributed computing projects such as Seti @ home, where small pieces of calculations were distributed over computers scattered over the Internet and donated part of their computing power during the hours of least use.


Tablet with Beautiful Design

This new model of Tablet that is coming to the market has as major design your differential, where one of the edges is more “chubby”, a kind of cylinder, and in it there is a kind of “kickstand” that is nothing but a retractable support that allows the use in three modes:


Sony Announces a Tablet with Two Screens

Difficult to understand the strategy of the big companies in the market of the tablets.A tablet with two screens?Would it be a mix of Nintendo DS and iPod Touch? Well, you could say that this is a very interesting solution.But if you’re used to PlayStation games, you can forget.


HTC Tegra 4

Lately we have heard often of quad-core APQ8064 of Qualcomm, present in many present and future models from the Nexus 4 down, and logically also of Exynos 5 by Samsung, the Korean company’s Cortex-A15 answer that at the moment it is placed only on board the Nexus 10, in its dual-core version, but you will see the […]


Hamlet Zelig Pad Quad Core

After the many models presented last may, Hamlet relaunches with new quad-core models and a small range of car accessories, all obviously full of Christmas more and more imminent. What is certain is that this year will be harder for cheap tablets, they will find on their way the fierce competition made in Google.