Teach the Dog to Hold Objects

  • Teach tricks the dog is great fun. How about doing your best friend learn to hold objects?See the tips!

How about teaching your dog some simple and basic commands for the day to day, like, for example, ask him to hold the given object? Learn through these tips to teach your best friend! However, remember that during the training, you’re going to need a lot of patience, love and care.

Initially choose the object that your dog will learn to handle. It is important that it has the weight and size suitable for the dog to get. That is, do not choose overly large or heavy items, and something that your dog can hold in mouth with ease.

The early stages of training are not simple, because it requires the patience of owner and dog. But, with much love and dedication, anything is possible. Initially, put the item you chose in the dog’s mouth.(put carefully holding the lower jaw, opening your mouth and putting the item behind the teeth).At this early stage, the dog has to learn to accept the item.

As for putting the object in the mouth of the dog, do praise him and saying positive and loving words. Make a little break–90 seconds and repeat this initial stage described. As soon as you notice, that your best friend is feeling tired and discouraging, stop the training. That is, do not force his limits, and Yes, it respects. Over time, the dog will learn to accept the object and thus continue with the training until he hold the item alone for more than a minute. Generally, the average time of this initial phase could reach a month. But, remember that it is relative, ok? So, your dog can take longer to learn.

According to petwithsupplies, while teaching things to your dog, the rewards are essential for assimilation and thus need to encourage him with the use of positive words. During the phases, give treats, not because it is necessary to remove the object from the dog’s mouth to feed him. In this way, give his favorite snack after your workout. That is, during training the reward must be words of encouragement:”very well”,”Congratulations”,”keep it up”,etc. And when the day’s training, give the favorite cookie!

Having dedication, persistence and love, your best friend will learn to hold the object. Then, if you would like to be able to teach him other basic commands like sit or lie down, for example.