Techniques For Fly Fishing

It is one of the most popular techniques for fishing that are used worldwide especially by the most experienced fishermen, since it requires good manual skills and excellent intuition when making the sets of artificial additions that we are going to use.

The purpose of this article is to instruct you a little bit about fly fishing, its main fundamentals and that little by little you put it in your usual repertoire of the TECHNIQUES FOR FISHING that you personally own. Without giving more to the subject we are going to take a look at this subject…

Why the definition of fly fishing? Simple, this is due to the similarity of the artificial additions that are designed in this art to fish with the natural flies that almost always hover around the surface of the river waters and which Are constantly attacked by many species, among them is the TROUT, one of the most popular species to be caught doing this technique for fishing. Then it will depend a lot on the way you choose your artificial so you can play fly fishing well, then I give you a small list of the 5 that at least I use frequently and give me a lot of results as far as catches are concerned:

1- Dry Flies : In this specifically can be identified by the ability of these attachments to remain almost constant on the surface of lakes or rivers, as long as you give the exact movement to your fishing rod to achieve similarity With flies or dragonflies that often eat trout on the surface. These dry flies are distinguished because they are constructed of feathers or hairs to achieve greater buoyancy on the surface of the water.

2- Wet Flies: In this case the definition comes given that the design of these comprises the need for the attachment to deepen a bit in the water to achieve the simulation perhaps of some insect or fish that moves in a manner similar to Lure you’re going to use. Some of the most popular names of this type would be: ALEVINO INTERNACIONAL, QUILL GORDON, ROYAL COACHMAN.

3- Nymphs : The main feature here in this particular fly is that they are made trying to resemble fly larvae, food that is actually very coveted by many trout in lakes and dams. In this case unlike the wet nymphs are made with little hair, but increases the thickness in its design.

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4- Streamers : Streamers are designed with the aim of simulating small fish or small-sized crustaceans that are abundant in river waters in most corners of our planet, with streamers also being sought to deepen for a greater Effectiveness of catches.

5- Terrestrials : These are looking for the resemblance to everyday flies or everyday insects to be more exact than we normally observe in TERRESTRIAL natural life, such as traditional flies or dragonflies that both abound on the surface of lakes and are constantly attacked by the trout.

Well after having known the main flies that are used in this technique to fish I want to teach you to GROSS MODE (since the practice is what will give you the experience), what you must do to be able to perform effectively in this activity: first Would be that your cane should have a flexibility and EXTREME lightness, that is to say it should be even more flexible than the one you use in spinning fishing and that it has very little weight, the reel you need to have a good adjusted brake to work well the dam already That the attacks in this technique are totally sudden and you need to be prepared, the launch must be done in the form of a WAVE to achieve your goal lance, I mean that you must have a good synchronization between the rod and your fishing line for That the shot you are shooting is effective. Another important point to emphasize would be that you must get into the water at least to the waist to be able to play this technique fully to fish, mostly looking for clear and calm waters, where vegetation or palisades abound, this will make your catches tripled. The most important trick would be that you should be able to do the hauls right at the most likely site, ie where you see more outstanding vegetation or where the dry sticks are noted with protuberance above the surface, this is where the trout Greater size in these calm waters. You must be PATIENT and PERSISTENT, it is the only way you can excel in this technique to fish.

With this article I have wanted to show you in broad strokes fly fishing.EXECUTE what you read and tell me the results, I love teaching those who start in this beautiful world; Leave your doubts expressed in the comments, I personally will answer them. Thanks for visiting the blog.