Telcos Worldwide Stops Sales of Galaxy Note 7

Problems with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 spreads. Now stops several telecommunications companies worldwide to sell Galaxy Note 7 and reverse for the new editions.

Problems with Samsung-top model Galaxy Note 7 will take no end. The last weekend has featured no less than six new cases of exploding batteries in addition to the incident in an airplane , in spite of the fact that the units are new, ‘ensure’ exchanged copies.

That is why Samsung allegedly stopped production of the phone, since the problems are not eliminated, even if it is only the second battery producer, Amperex Technology Limited, which now supplies batteries for Samsung.

Telcos refuses to reverse to new, uncertain models

It has multiple Telcos already taken as a consequence of. As the first elected the United States ‘ second largest telecommunications company, AT & T, to stop all sales of new Note 7 phones, just as there no longer be exchanged old copies to new models, which proves to be defective.

‘On the basis of the latest information exchanges we no longer new Note 7-mobiles at this time, until they reported incidents investigated, “ said a spokesperson from AT & T for The Verge.

America’s third-largest telecommunications company, T-Mobile, have then done the same actions. In a press release informs telecommunications company that it’s temporarily sets all sales of the new Note 7 and substitutions to Note 7-substituted units’.

The largest telecommunications company in the United States, Verizon is also stopped reverse Note 7 phones. When the phone company no Note 7-mobiles have in stock, sold these not-so there is no sales stop here.

“Samsung is working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and examines the safety of Note 7 phones. While the investigation is under way, stops Verizon all Exchange of Note 7-substituted units temporarily, “ illuminates the phone company to The Verge.

Also in Australia, there is an end to sales of Galaxy Note 7. Here is the phone company Telstra, who in a note informs us the following:

“Samsung has temporarily stopped shipment of the new Galaxy Note 7-phones after a reported incident involving a replacement phone in the United States. Samsung is confident in Note 7-replacement series and says that they have no reason to believe that it is not safe. “

Although Samsung has not yet even have confirmed the recent problems with the new and ‘ safe ‘ copies of Galaxy Note 7, draw the many stops of the sale and substitutions a clear picture of the South Korean manufacturer has encountered trouble again – especially after Telstras announcement, there are reporting that Samsung has stopped deliveries to the phone company.

According to the newspaper Yonhap News stops Samsung not only sales, but also for the production of the new Galaxy Note 7-models in order to come to grips with the problem.