Telia Gets More Mobile Customers-But Less Earnings

The third largest telecom company in Denmark, Telia, got in third quarter new customers, but they serve 21,000 less money.

Telia, which is the third largest telecom company in Denmark, going forward in this year’s third quarter.The entire 21,000 more Danes have now, as their mobile operator Telia, which helps to increase Telia’s profit margin from 14.6 percent to 16.9 percent. It writes our site.

Customers are also using the phone more than in the past, which is an advancement since otherwise in 2013 has been a decrease in consumption.

-“We have done more things right. Focus has been on is on the network and on a new price plan, which we bundler with some of the best services out there-for Spotify and HBO, and it has happened in the market, “says Søren Abildgaard, ceo of Telia Denmark.

Søren Abildgaard also tells that Telia now reaping the rewards of a meticulous trimming of the entire company.

-“We have reorganized ourselves and taken cost 8.5 percent down. We have done this by looking on all structural items-everything from buildings to the marketing dollars. We’ve been through it all, and it provides an improved bottom line, “says Søren Abildgaard.

Also in the broadband area maintain their position and WINS 3,000 new Telia customers.