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Test Helmets Nexx X.T1 Touring and X.R2 Sport

Nexx offers in its range two integral helmets specific for motorcyclists more oriented to the asphalt, one with sports characteristics, the X.R2 and another with tourist characteristics, the X.T1. Get to know them.

In recent months we have been testing the X.R2 Nexx helmets and X.T1 on different bikes and situations, and we are now in a position to be able to talk about them knowingly, both on their Characteristics as potential. Its appearance is solid and the paint provides a good finish that is in no way behind similar products of other brands. The vents of the ventilation ducts have a robust appearance and good functionality. The forms are well finished.
Both models feature X-MATRIX hubs, built with a unique multiaxial technique developed by the brand, and made of fiberglass but also incorporate organic fibers, special aramid(kevlar) fibers and strategic reinforcements in carbon fiber.

In both cases, the visors are panoramic and provide great visibility with a wide side view angle, well above the average, which is a great advantage, especially in driving in environments with a lot of traffic. In both cases, the visors fit perfectly into the shell, and are supported by X-SWIFT quick-change, practical and very easy to use systems. The only way to do this is to lose the locking lever, which is released during the removal of the visor, and that in case of fall it can even be released. On travel it is recommended to carry a couple of spare parts in the luggage.
Nexx uses visors made from Lexan, a polycarbonate-based resin that is very resistant to wear, deformation, impact and yet provides optimum optical qualities that translate into a near-absence of image deformation.

The inner liners are removable and washable, fabricated with CoolMax fabrics, highly technological, anti-allergic and anti-perspiration. With the “Ergo Padding” system, consisting of a set of filling pieces, it allows a perfect fit of the helmet to the different skull morphologies.
The side cushions are equipped with an emergency system, properly identified, that when removed facilitate the rescue teams to remove the helmet. The zipper cushions are benchmark in both models, comfortable and keeping perfectly in place.
The X.T1 and X.R2 are approved according to European(ECE/22-05), American(DOT) and Brazilian standards(NBR-7471: 2001). Both are available inCarbon Zero whose details you can see following this link(click here) .

The X.T1 is a helmet intended for motorists and travelers from sportingology.com. Its weight is 1450g. The micrometric quick release makes life easier in a situation where frequent stops are made, especially in cold weather with thicker and less sensitive gloves.
The visor has a unique Block’N’Seal locking system that through springs and latches in the tilting system compresses the visor against the rubber, and prevents the passage of air and water to the interior, also reducing noise. To open the visor it is necessary to press the latch button.

The quick clamping system allows for frequent”deep”washing as it is extremely easy to remove and replace the visor, which is also ready to receive the Pinlock anti-fogging system.
Air Dynamic ventilation with 2 inlets and 4 air vents is also very good, allowing heat and humidity to accumulate even on hot days and after a few hours of use, or at low speed.
The micrometric quick release makes life easier in a situation where frequent stops are made, especially in cold weather with thicker and less sensitive gloves.

In terms of soundproofing the X.T1 can not be considered silent, being on the contrary noisier than, for example, the X.R2 that we also present here. Still, it can be said that the noise level is within the average.

The 80% dyed solar interior visor does not cause distortion and the drive system is practical and has never shown any sign of “tiredness”. The X.T1 comes prepared to receive the Intercom system NEXX X-COM, specifically developed by Sena, which this time we had no opportunity to try.

To ensure perfect ergonomics and performance, it has 3 sleeve sizes, the small size being used in sizes from XXS to S, the average used in sizes M and L, and the size used in XL sizes and up to XXXL.

The X.T1 presents two negative points that we can not fail to mention, the first one will not be a defect, but a limitation, since in certain head formats, the ears suffer enough until the whole helmet fits, being particularly Difficult to put on and off the head. However, once placed, the comfort is great and the sound proofing is very good.
The other point that did not please us was the system of closing of the visor, that is part of Block’N’Seal. Although we recognize that the system is really good, achieving a perfect seal from the visor to the shell, the problem is that to open the visor, it is necessary to press the button placed in the front, and this is not an easy operation to do with only one hand.
The version presented here has the Exos decoration in Neon Green color.You can see other decorations and colors following this link .
The average market price for the X.T1 Exos is around € 290. The replacement sun visor has an approximate price of 40 €, while the outside visor has an average price of around 35 euros. The optional Bluetooth X-COM communication system has an average price of € 220

The X.R2 is a lightweight, very aerodynamic helmet designed primarily for sporting use.
Its 1350 g weight is actually low when compared to other equivalent models of other brands, its mass balance is also very good, reinforced by aerodynamic precision through the slender design and rear spoiler, which contributes to a High stability at high speed, and for a great reduction of noise, providing sound insulation that can be considered good, and much higher than average.

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