Test IP Security Camera

Update March 21: The fall in prices recorded in the first edition of this issue increased further, this is good news. Most of the models tested are below 100 € bar. And three references, hardly more expensive, offer a definition in 720p, higher than 640 x 480 pixels that still characterize much (and unfortunately) the entry level. In two manufacturers Belkin and Foscam, the transition to model just above those we tested gives access to 720p, for a premium worth frankly. So there is plenty to do.

For most experts, a camera such as Zavio deliver total freedom of configuration, with appreciable capture quality. Foscam solutions and TRENDnet is an interesting in-between, with a good level of customization and implementation quite easily. But that to which today tend IP cameras to democratize, the cloud. And then there is a simple and efficient enough to offer who knows nothing networking. Some aspects can still be improved, as we have seen with the three actors in this folder, Belkin, and Kiwatch MyFox. But this trend is promising. Now, he will still remain whether the target audience will be willing to subscribe to the service to match.

Original Conclusion:

What are the main changes brought by this vintage early 2012? Frankly, the features of the new models do not revolutionize the genre. While an increase in resolution was thought out, with the exception of the camera Logitech, all tested models are still limited to 640 x 480.

This mixed picture should not blind us to a new, more cheerful: prices have melted like snow in the sun! Now, some infrared cameras Wi-Fi are offered at the same price as a wired daytime model tested at the time of the second update of our comparison.

If this topic interests you, the TRENDnet TV-IP 121WN (count 90 euros) is a prime reason.

The VisionCam v5.5 which is offered at a similar price adds an engine, but we will wait to have a little more perspective on product reliability before we vote. The infrared LEDs of the first series of VisionCam often tended to give up the ghost. Although Heden ensures that these concerns were resolved this version 5.5, the overall finish is still perfectible.

In the area of Wi-Fi powered night, we particularly note the IP-TV 422 WN TRENDnet. For about 190 euros, the camera does not make concessions. We also like its “patrol” mode that provides the ability to program a movement cycle.

In another, although the range of Axis has not really changed, the M1031-W and M1011-W managed to stay in the race. Their strong point? A powerful interface that offers numerous possibilities of configuration! These products are primarily intended for advanced users, or to use pro or semi pro. onlynight mode of the M1031 can debate, Axis with no infrared. On this model, a heat sensor triggers a powerful LED lighting.

End up the loser: when we really did not expect it, the Logitech solution falls into the same range as the previous. Whether one agrees or not paying the subscription, the files are stored in the computer or in the camera’s memory card! Here send point shots by FTP or email. In case of damage or theft, valuable evidence will fly with cameras. An unfortunate finding, the bar has been set very high in terms of finishing. Finally, while the operating principle is identical to that of previous models (CPL architecture), no backwards compatibility is not guaranteed! Buyers of the first hour will appreciate.