Test of the Shell Waterproof Iphone 5 Lifeproof

After having tested and much enjoyed the first version of the LifeProof, was for iPhone 4/4 S in this article, today we will look at the iPhone version 5.

First of all remember that the LifeProof shells, literally “to the test from the throes of life” have no equivalent on the market. Indeed, it is resistant to shocks, it still, it’s classic, but she is especially completely waterproof while retaining all of the features of the phone: calls, sound, touch and a very reasonable size…

It is available in several colours: black (model tested below), white and gray or blue and pink.

Keep all its promises? Forward for the discovery of a single shell:

The packaging remains true to what it had noted over the previous version: the possibility of discovering the shell without opening it, just under the pane located on the front. This ensures good protection for delivery while allowing to discover the hull in a store if necessary.

Inside, we find the hull consists of two parts, a rag, a small guide as well as an extension for the helmet, essential to be able to plug it in.

The shell is carried out in a rigid quality plastic, but who remains thin. The part before that will protect the screen is transparent plastic model semi rigid, and painted in black on this model, or in white on the other.

Notable change from last year is the appearance of a window it also protected by a transparent plastic part on the rear side, it allows to take advantage of the Apple logo.Not essential, but this has been claimed by customers.

Also you can see the yellow seal, which will be responsible to ensure the tightness and safety of our precious machine.

The shell is waterproof, it is clearly indicated to make a test before you go on an adventure. To do this, simply close the hull without iPhone inside then immerse it about 20 minutes and then check that there are no water seeped inside.

Here, we see the protection etaches of the speakers:

No worries in our case, could move on to the implementation of the iPhone.

The implementation is extremely simple: simply slide iPhone into the front, then clip back side on top.

On the lower part, a cork screw will protect the headphone and a clamshell comes close in on taking lightning, finishing of sealing with a yellow part serving as a seal.

This is done without difficulty, of course you should check that the set is closed to ensure tightness, but overall, perfectly adjusted to a reassuring side.

Oh, we have an iPhone with an all-terrain shell. However, this isn’t a huge brick, the hull remains quite reasonable in size compared to all robust or watertight shells that could cross at Otterbox for example.

When it comes to pimples, they are accessible in front before through the plastic that protects the screen or on the sides with references on the shell itself. Don’t worry to use, they are quite easy to manipulate.

The principle of this shell is to protect without in any way restricting the use. For this, the speakers are protected, but let the sound, specific locations are planned for the sensors (proximity and brightness for example) and photos as well as the flash cells have their own site. everything falls well in the right place, no worries adjustment.

But he had to check that the hull was fully functional iPhone on a daily basis, for this, we tried leaving in place a week full: ski, work and intensive use were on the program.

Side screen, plastic protection film lets the electricity of the fingers and the touchscreen works perfectly well. On the other hand, he should know that this membrane, different from a plastic film glued to the screen, makes the striking of a sms for example less easy than the usual protections, it moves slightly under the finger and it loses precision.Nothing catastrophic nor surprising, simply it is important to note that the comfort of striking is lower. For the rest, no worries, apps respond to the needs and to the eye.

We also note that the relatively bright front is prone to glare, especially to Sun.

Regarding sound, it was on the previous model smothered in a telephone conversation, which might have made delicate appeals to the interlocutor. With this version for iPhone 5, no worries, the sound is very clear. The speakers of their side well let the sound, don’t worry about facing this side here either.

informative update on this point important: our model did not meet worry of his muffled, but a player in the comments shows him having the problem, according to manufacturing differences?

The side button to switch to the alarm mode silent mode works fine, only difference with the use without the shell, the lack of Visual information on the mode in which it is located.So, check to manipulate the button and in a mode and the other to ensure.

Finally, for those who wants to keep the hull during long hours, you know than the size of the opening for the sync socket / charging will not use the Lightning 30 adapter pins for example.

After several days of use, sparing the hull with the iPhone, both inside and outside, no brand to be deplored and above all, no scratches on the transparent front. It is important that it does not scratch in order to ensure a clear display that remains in the long term.

The real difference with a classic use of the iPhone protected or not is when you want to use a headset. Indeed, decision-making is too pressed to bring the jack it to and an accessory is provided. It is a small extension to screw into the hull which plugs into the phone jack and connect the headset of choice. Careful not to lose the small cap screw then. But then again, good idea an additional CAP is pegged to the extension. Good idea which should serve more than one owner of the LifeProof.

And then sealing?

This is an important point, the real differentiator of this solution to the entire market.

For our usual tests, we done in the pool, with videos and photos underwater, but saw the period, not going to freeze under water. As the hull was immersed completely, past as water, buried in the snow and used continuously on a daily basis to the office and skiing, no worry of infiltration or damage noted.

But it’s a promise we end this test at the bottom of the water as soon as possible the season better and we’ll do an update.

We notice that there is a space to hang a flange in one of the corners, it is a very good idea, especially to take the hull underwater.

Out iPhone of its hull, if one has not read the instructions, it’s a little complicated, because everything is very well sealed, but the trick is to use a coin to unclip all at the level of one of the corners. Then just further opening by removing the rear panel. She is slightly flexible, so should not break, it will nonetheless proceed with precautions. Then unscrew slightly the headphone plug the iPhone is extracted by tapping in the hand or on a fabric. With practice it is no problem.


Once again, without changing the recipe almost miracle deployed in the iPhone version 4, but for the slightly better particularly with regard to the sound picked up by the microphone, LifeProof offers a hull amazing, both as compact as possible while ensuring an incredible against shock, dust and water protection!

Suffice to say it as the hull to recommend for athletes who will appreciate to be able to keep it all weekend, or for those who use their machine in exposed work for example on construction sites, while wishing to use it with all its functions.

But is he a shell that you will keep all week at work if one is not in the previous conditions? I’m inclined to say No, mainly to the screen cause plastic which decreases the precision strike and the specificity related to the headphone jack, but we’re not far from being able to do so if you are very anxious for his iPhone, in this case, you can be quiet, it is sheltered from life!

Protection that has no competition to its height in terms of space/protection until then, which is not really cheap sinceshe cost 83 euros about , but functional manufacturing quality and appearance are at the rendezvous.