Texan Boots Women

In Brazil the country fashion won a well – known variation: the backlands fashion. This is our range of country style of singing with guitar, dressing of leather and wearing tight pants with shirt chess well known as typical North American and lasting until today. The various parts of this cultural model that migrated here even perpetuated over the decades: the Texan boots .

To understand the success of Texan boots you need to understand a bit of Texan style. Americans there are a very rich region, but extremely attached to leather and country parts. We have a combination of knee-high boots with wide handle hats, one style considered different but well fashion and super chic variants. And as there has cowboys are known as boots cowboy, but here just won the simplest meaning: a leather boot country fashion.

The Texan boot has its distinctive features. One is the high-top, always near the knee. If Texas can not be curtinha, or looks like our traditional Brazilian boots. Whether man or woman she has a slight jump. Raises the body even, comfortable and hard jump. Even with variations in courino, leather is the basic raw material and so are durable parts. You can invest that will last a decade without any problem.

Looks with Texan Boot Women

And how to combine a piece like this, so specific? There is little secret. The pipe usually has prints and be a little worked in style, then pants with tight pants mouth to go over. And then there are already various combinations, such as blouse ciganinha style, a basic plaid short or long sleeve and can use your hat cowboy without problems that will be very nice.

Texas Boot combines very well with dress! It is actually one of the most common forms of the original Texan used, imitated rather by the Brazilian. In the backcountry style can with pencil or more tight skirt, leather skirt in tone on tone, skirt slightly draped dress and fair or fluffy, with sleeve or sleeveless. Does not match same is with party dress, strapless dress or very social models, those that you would for an office quietly

Texan Bota Price Women

Some brands sell the item for an average of R$150 reported by NatureGnosis, but can cost much more expensive. The difference is the work of leather and leather is the same. If not, the price drops to less than R$100 and not worth it, she can not stand a long use and will not even be comfortable during a party.

Embroidery work on pipe shoes can increase the value, but they are really beautiful. Already there are luxury models, with jewels encrusted the jump to the most chic and boot still snakeskin Texas, one of the most expensive. Works with gold wires are commonly found in the luxury market and can make the pair reach more than R$2,000. Who uses indicates the beauty part: worth it.