The 5 Best Lawnmowers Of 2017

The market offers lawn mowers with very varied benefits. It is important to choose the model that best suits the characteristics of our terrain and our own preferences.

Folding Electric Cutter

This cutter has an excellent value for money. Their performances are similar to those of other mowers of higher prices as described in garden tool. It is a comfortable model with handle adjustable to different heights. It is easy to use and has a sturdy plastic housing that protects it from shock. It is, therefore, an ideal cutter for those who have rarely used a cutter. At the same time, it is great also for those who have more experience but look for a light machine, since its weight does not reach 8 kilos.

On the other hand, this cutter has a protector for the cable. However, sometimes you have to be careful not to cut it during use. Its wheels are high and wide, which allows more protection of the lawn while we are cutting. In addition, each wheel has 3 positions to adapt the height of the cut as required by each situation. The cutter has a power of 1000 watts and is not very noisy. It also has a deposit for the collection of cut grass.

An interesting feature of this cutter is its size. Its dimensions are smaller than those of most of the models of the market. In addition, it has a folding handle that allows us to save it taking up less space.

Electric Comb Cutter With Edge Comb

This model allows you to mow your lawn with less effort and in less time. It is especially manageable thanks to its lightness, since it does not exceed 7 kilos of weight. And its ergonomic design allows for greater comfort during use. It is easy to store both for its reduced weight and for its dimensions, smaller than those of higher power models. It also has an integrated handle to be transported with greater comfort.

It has a 1200 watt motor, a very suitable power if we consider its weight. This cutter is suitable for surfaces that do not exceed 200 square meters.However, if we treat the cutter carefully we can use it in larger locations. To make the cut has a rotary blade. The height of cut can be adapted to 3 levels, as appropriate in each moment. The lawn mower has a capacity of 31 liters. It is a perfect volume to be able to finish the job in less time.

A peculiar characteristic of this model is that it has an innovative comb. This piece allows us to mow the entire surface, along walls, walls and other obstacles. Thanks to this comb we can save time that we would lose in manually cutting the lawn from the edges.

Precision Cutting Electric Cutter

Lawn mower with great performance. It has a simple and ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle. The wheels are fairly smooth, which allows the machine to easily move on less uniform surfaces. However, this same quality makes difficult the task if our terrain has something of slope, since the grip is smaller. As the weight does not exceed 12 kilos, this problem can be remedied with a little extra effort on our part. The task is facilitated in all cases thanks to the ergonomic grips.

The cut is excellent in this model. It is precise and uniform. Very correct choice of the 3 cutting heights. The fixing of these heights is toothed, so that we can not change it by mistake. This cutter also has side combs to trim the cut at the edges of any obstacles. The cut is wide, which allows to finish the work in less time. This model also stands out for its hardened blades, which can cut even hard branches. Power is 1400 watts, perfect for medium-sized surfaces. In addition, the collection box has a capacity of 40 liters, which will reduce the number of times it needs to be emptied.

Powerful Gas Cutter

Complete high-end lawn mower. Its performance makes it perfect for mowing surfaces up to 1000 square meters. On the one hand, being gasoline does not have the drawbacks of having to work avoiding cutting the cable. In addition, for larger surfaces it is always more comfortable not to rely on long cables and to have sufficient electrical outlets.

It is a large and strong model. It has a power of 2000 watts and weighs 31 kilograms. Its large size allows the cutting width to be 46 centimeters and thus cover more surface in less time. The height of the cut can be adjusted comfortably and has a collection box with a capacity of 65 liters. It is therefore an ideal lawnmower to mow easily large surfaces, thanks to the correct combination of weight and power.

The price of this lawn mower is higher than that of many other models. However you have to take into account that this model has an added value since the mowing of the lawn is not the only function that can perform. We can also use this cutter to work the vegetative cover and for capture functions. In addition, we can not forget that large surfaces require more powerful machines that resist for as long as possible.

Compact Electric Cutter

Electric cutter with excellent cutting performance.Its special technology allows you to choose one of the 6 cutting heights with a single movement. It has a power of 1800 volts and has a high performance cutting system. It also has a function to mow the lawn near the edges of various obstacles.

This model also stands out for its compact design that allows to cut the lawn under hedges and shrubs and even under the furniture that we can have in our land. This cutter is easy to store thanks to the handlebar is foldable and the machine has an integrated carrying handle. The handlebar, in addition, is equipped with an integral switch that allows to ignite the motor throughout the surface of the handle, reason why the fatigue is reduced.

The grass catcher has a capacity of 50 liters, which is increased by 30% thanks to this cutter compacts the material that is accumulating. Through a window the contents of the tank are displayed to know when to pack. Occasionally, the pick up capacity of this cutter may be limited and require more than one pass, especially when the lawn is somewhat humid.

Tips For Buying A Lawnmower

When choosing a lawn mower there are several factors that we must take into account.

Firstly, if the surface is large, we will need a sturdy cutter to handle longer work. Likewise, it will be necessary to have the adequate power for the slope of our land. We will require more volts the higher the slope.

It is also important to choose from the beginning if we want an electric model or a gasoline. The electric does not require to buy fuel from time to time but we will need to work with care to avoid having accidents with the cable.

Another detail to take into account is the space available to save the cutter. There are many models with the folding handlebar and some have integrated handles for easy handling. A small cutter will be stored more comfortably. However, if the dimensions are large, we can have a greater cutting width, which reduces working time. If the terrain is small it is possible that we have less storage space, but it will also be less necessary to have a large cutting width. Likewise, if the terrain is large, the size of the mower is most likely not a problem.

As for cutting, it is interesting that our model has the option to change the height of the cut and that the change of the same is easy and comfortable. If at any given time we want our lawn to have a certain height, being able to make the change easily will save us time and effort. In this sense, it is also useful to have models that cut the edges to the edges of walls and different obstacles. This will save you having to do this work manually.

Regarding the storage tank, it is useful to have enough capacity. However, a larger volume of the deposit is only a matter of extreme importance when it comes to mowing a large plot of land. In this case, it is convenient to have a large tank that reduces the number of times we have to empty it. However, if our terrain is small it does not have to be an essential requirement.

Finally, according to our personal tastes and characteristics, we must take care of the ergonomics of our cutter to a greater or lesser degree . Consideration should be given to the weight of the model to relieve fatigue during work, but also to ease the effort during storage of the machine. It is important to combine an optimum weight without the performance of the cutter being reduced. Therefore, depending on the needs, it can compensate for a heavier but more effective machine.