The 7 Best Hair Straighteners Of 2017

The hair irons allow a comfortable straightening of the hair without a great investment of time. In our selection of the best models, we have included different brands and features, so you can easily choose the one you like.

Remington Iron With Pearl

This hair iron has a digital LCD screen that allows us to visualize the selected temperature as described in home devices. The temperature range for smoothing the hair is between 150 degrees and 235 degrees. In addition to having narrow plates of great length, the ceramic of this product allows to begin to use it in 10 seconds, thanks to its rapid heating. On the other hand, to avoid temperature changes by mistake during the manipulation, it has a system of blocking the temperature.

The 7 Best Hair Straighteners Of 2017

The purchase of this product includes a bag that allows to place the hot iron on it because it is resistant to heat. In addition, to work comfortably, it has a rotating cable of 3 meters in length. Finally, we can highlight the pearl coating allows a very smooth glide. It also allows for greater resistance despite use.

Rowenta Iron With Tourmaline

This cheap model stands out for its great value for money. It is a very interesting product whose plates coated with tourmaline and keratin give very good results. The tourmaline prevents static electricity from leaving your hair wrinkled. As for keratin, it favors that the use of the iron leaves the hair shiny and very soft.

The temperature range with which the best Rowenta plate works varies between 130 and 230 degrees. It takes more than others to warm up, although it is not an excessive time because in 30 seconds we can start using it. The plates have a length of 9 centimeters and measure 2.5 centimeters wide, which allows great precision during smoothing. Finally, we can highlight the easy and comfortable handling. Also, for the price it has perfectly meets expectations.

Professional Ghd Iron

This professional iron has some useful plates made of aluminum, which offers a better quality. The ceramic coating of the plates allows a smooth glide that leaves the hair shiny. In addition, the plates have a modern tilting system that helps make the sliding even easier and that we achieve our goals faster.

This product can be used with all types of hair and not only allows smoothing the hair. S and can also perform curls and waves, which multiplies the usage options and use the product. Another very useful feature of this model is that they have a security system that makes it turn off automatically after 30 minutes without using it. And for a better preservation of the appliance, the purchase of this product includes a protector for the plates and so you can save the iron as soon as you finish using it.

Extra Long Philips Hair Straightener

This Philips plate has an unbeatable price. Firstly, this product stands out for the length of its plates, 10 centimeters, which allows to achieve smooth hair properly in a very short time. This unit takes a little longer than most models to warm up, as it takes 60 seconds. Although we must not forget the price of the product and that manages to reach a temperature of up to 210 degrees.

The rotating cable of this model has a comfortable length of 1.8 meters, to handle it without complications. On the other hand, in order to easily store the iron, it has a mechanism that locks them once closed, preventing accidental damage to the appliance. Finally, it has a useful coating on the plates, based on ceramics and tourmaline, whose negative ions reduce static electricity.

Braun Iron With Smart Display

Braun offers this original hair straightener that has a smart screen to store information about hair type, its length and thickness, in order to adapt the temperature to the objectives. The device can store up to 3 profiles of hair type, so it facilitates the use of the device by several people. In addition, every time you use it will inform you about if your hair has excessive moisture so that the smoothness is effective and optimal for your hair. It also informs you of the speed you should use in each case to achieve the best straightening.

In addition to achieving an excellent finish, you can perform both curls and waves. This allows for many styling options and you can combine straightening and waves or asymmetrical hairstyles. Finally, it hasceramic plates of great resistance, whichincreases the useful life of the appliance.

Professional Karmin Plate

This professional iron allows you to perform multiple jobs on your hair. You can smooth, volume, curl and curl your hair . It has a rotating cable that allows easy and comfortable use. In addition, it heats quickly and can be used on all types of hair. And to avoid that the hair is damaged, it counts on ceramics and tourmaline of high quality coating the plates.

With this device you can set the temperature you want according to the objectives of each occasion.The maximum temperature reached by this plate is 238 degrees. This high temperature is ideal to be able to make hairstyles on thicker and curly hair. Likewise, the heating system of this product heats the metal of the plates quickly and without inconveniences despite using it consecutively for a long time. This product is available in several colors: blue, white, purple, black and pink.

Red Corioliss Hair Straightener

This professional iron stands out from the outset for its modern design. Also inside has innovative technology to achieve both straighten hair, curl andcreate curls and waves. Its titanium components make it easy to slip on the hair in a single pass. In this way, the hair will remain in perfect condition for longer time. In addition, it allows setting the temperature in a range from 120 to 235 degrees.

Thanks to the heat resistant bag, we can store it comfortably and take it wherever we want. Other innovative features of this iron are its negative ion technology to reduce static electricity as well as infrared heat for optimum results. In addition, the tilting plates help to make the straightening perfect. Finally, the casing is designed to achieve an easy and firm grip that helps us work on the hair comfortably and achieve the best results.

Tips For Buying A Hair Straightener

If we want to get the best hair iron and we want to get the best results, it is advisable to take into account a few small details.

In the first place, it is important that you have the minimum performance of a modern appliance. It must have temperature control to adapt to each situation. It also has to be comfortable and of an optimum weight that favors a correct handling. Likewise, the cable must be at least 1.5 meters long, in order to be able to use the appliance without complications or with the risk of burning the cable. In this same sense, it is very useful that the iron has rotating cable, to avoid entanglement and interruptions during use.

On the other hand, more and more models include materials whose negative ions avoid or reduce static electricity. This is essential if we want to prevent the hair from curling and slicing the hairstyle. Also in relation to the materials, more and more irons manage to smooth and shape the hair without having to make many passes, which will prevent the hair from deteriorating over time.

Another detail that we recommend to have, in account is the possibility that ours make other hairstyles besides the smoothing. This question will depend on personal preferences, since if we have curly hair, for example, it will not be very useful for us to do the hair. However, if we are going to share it with other people or if we like to change their style from time to time, it is preferable to choose a model that also rice and hair.

As for the safety measures, it may be very useful to purchase one with automatic shutdown systems after a while without use. There are also models that include in the purchase a thermal bag to store and support itand thus avoid the possibility of burning some surface.

Finally, before buying it, we can look at the dimensions of the plates. There are standard measures that give very good results. However, more and more models have a specific width and length for different types of hair.