The Best 4 Bem-Casados of Bh

Wedding is a special day, full of meanings and rituals that mark years and years of tradition. Of course you may want to get away from the ordinary and get to do a ceremony and celebration that is more to your face and that is super cool, but some classics need to be kept.

Among the traditional elements, we can elect: the entrance of the bride, the bride and groom’s kiss, the play on the bouquet, cake cutting, the toast with the parents, the first dance of the newly weds and a treat for the guests at the end of the party.

For most brides, well-married is one of the essential items, like “must have” even. With that in mind, we talked to two professionals working in this segment of weddings in the State capital, Mariella Ch (ME event Production) and Paula Myrtle (actual events), to know: what is the best well-married of Belo Horizonte?

In a market that won’t stop growing, every day new companies for all segments, but there are those who remain for not giving up the quality. So we select the best so you don’t fall into a hole! Some of the suppliers cited arrive to produce 3,000 bem-casados a day, such demand.

Each one has your recipe, but, in general, are stuffed with dulce de leche and covered by a thin syrup, which can be decorated to the choice of the bride. You can place tags with the wedding monogram, pack with organza or silk and still finish with infinite types of tapes. Bride’s choice-based, of course, the decorator, as the bem-casados are part of the decoration of the party.

Note our selection:

 Jolie Buffet

-Orders with a minimum of 6 months in advance (April and September are the most sought after).
-Meet up 4 weddings per weekend or bem-casados 1,500 per weekend.
-From R$3,00 the unit above 100 units. The values change according to the package chosen.
-The bem-casados are made the day before the event and has the validity of 4 days.

Kunchok Maia

-Orders with a minimum of 3 months in advance.
-Basic price is R$3,30, but this value varies according to the model of packing.
-Traditional Stuffing, made with condensed milk made into dulce de leche.
-Durability is 7 days outside the fridge.

Free Souvenir

-Orders in advance of 2 months.
-Price from R$3,00, in accordance with the packaging and flavor.
-Durability of a week
-Fillings: sweet milk, cinnamon, lemon, brigadier, almonds, apricot, oreo, nutella, peanut, chocolate glassado and nuts.
-Also has the well-married in pot-three sizes of pot (P, M, G): P-R$16,00, M-$ 18.00, G-R$22,00

Marlene Fine Candy

-Orders with a minimum of 3 months in advance.
-Average of 3.00 the unit..
-Fillings: nuts, apricot, chocolate truffle, dulce de leche, champagne, lemon and hazelnut.
-Option of puff pastry or sponge cake.

And there? Have you chosen the your? The companies have huge demand, so don’t let your request to make at the last minute, eh? Schedule a tasting and tell us what is your favorite!