The Best Iphone of 2017

If you are thinking about buying a smartphone and you have clear that you want an Apple, this selection you will like. We have included the best models, in different colors and with different information, so you can easily choose the one you like.

Iphone 6s Gold And Pink

The first thing that comes to the fore when we see this model is its modern design. But it is not only an aesthetic question, since the casing has been manufactured with a special aluminum alloy, high strength. Also, the glass cover is also more durable.

On the other hand, this device has a special technology to detect the amount of pressure we exert on the screen. In this way, the handling options multiply and increase speed and ease of use. According to percomputer, iPhone 6s put special emphasis on the speed of the processor. The result is great fluidity while using the applications. The graphics quality of the games has also been notably benefited.

Finally, with the iPhone 6s you can enjoy photography thanks to the original Live Photos function, which captures the previous image to press the photo and the right after. This way, you will have 3 images in one to preserve the complete action.

Iphone 4s

This model has a compact design and its screen measures 3.5 inches. The screen resolution offered is 960 X 640 pixels. On the other hand, it has 512 megs of RAM and the processor is 1 gigahertz. This mobile also has a curious feature: the cover hasoleophobic properties that prevent the presence of fingerprints on the front and back of the phone.

With this device you can take panoramic photosand the focus is automatic. Video recordings are made in high definition and capture up to 30 frames per second. Finally, the battery of the iPhone 4s has enough autonomy. For example, if you use Wifi for your internet connections, the battery can last up to 9 hours. And by lying a phone conversation with 3G the battery will hold you up to a total of 8 hours.

Iphone 5 White

This Apple model features a 4-inch Retina display.The processor has 2 cores and its speed is 1.3 gigahertz. Also, the RAM is 1 gig, so you can enjoy avery fluid handling . Also, the Apple chip has this model been developed for applications to have faster transitions and for Inert pages to load in less time.

On the other hand, thanks to its 8 megapixel rear camera you can take great pictures. With the pixel density of the screen, at 326 per inch, you’ll see your favorite images with good quality.

Finally, with the iPhone 5 you will not run out of battery easily since it has enough autonomy. It lasts a whole day with an average use. If you were continuously connected to the Internet or talking, the battery would last up to 8 hours. And continuous video playback lasts up to 10 hours straight.

Iphone 5c Blue

Alegre model in which care has been taken to design to be especially modern and youthful. Also the materials have been formulated from steel to achieve a device of great resistance in spite of the blows.

This iPhone also has a great Apple chip so that the graphics of the video games as well as the transitions are fluid. Also the compatibility of the connection has increased so you can surf the Internet at a great speed.

As for the camera, the iPhone 5c has an 8 megapixel camera with a 5-element lens. You can make quality photos and get panoramic images.Plus, you can use any of the 8 filters available to add a personalized touch to your favorite photos.

Video recordings are also great on this Iphone. All this thanks to the high definition and the image stabilization system so that they are not moved. And if you want to take photos while recording a video, you can also do it.

Iphone 5s Silver

Interesting model that is only 7.6 millimeters thick.It has a very interesting feature that you can use your fingerprint to make purchases in tuna and in the App Store. In addition, the Internet works great on this mobile, thanks to its compatibility with the faster 4G bands. Fluency is a strong point of this model since the A7 chip is one of the best on the market and has excellent performance for both graphics and applications.

As for the 8 megapixel camera, allows you to make quality photos and simply. In addition, it has an interesting option of capture in burst mode, as well as videos in slow motion. A complete model that does not disappoint.

Iphone 6 Plus

Magnificent Apple model whose A8 chip offersincredible performance. In addition, this mobile has a larger screen, 5.5 inches, so the iOS 8 operating system have combined to achieve a very pleasant experience. It has been able to take full advantage of the size of the screen. In this way, you can enjoy videos, games and applications with great fluency and without complications.

Despite the larger size of the screen, we have worked on the design to make the adaptation to the hand is perfect. It has even been thought of the location of the buttons for ease of handling. Finally, we can highlight the fingerprint sensor. With this technology only you can unlock your phone, ensuring maximum security and privacy. Get the most out of your mobile phone with this iPhone 6 Plus.

Tips For Buying An Iphone

If you want to buy a mobile and want it to be an iPhone, you probably already have enjoyed a device of this brand. However, before you buy it you may find it useful to take some details into account.

First of all, it must be clear that as the iPhone models have progressed, the benefits have been improving.However, both new and old devices have Apple’s quality assurance. In addition, it may be that a certain characteristic of a less current model is especially attractive to us. Therefore, it will be necessary to look at all the details.

On the one hand, depending on your preferences of use, it is advisable to choose one model or another. A more complete model often requires more investment. However, if you are going to make quite a basic use of the phone, you do not need to look for the model with the best and most innovative features so it will be cheaper.

It is important to evaluate the speed of the device. The more gigahertz the processor offers the better. And the more nuclei the more favored you will see the fluidity of the phone. These features are especially important if we like to use the apps and games and we do not want any interruptions

of any kind. It is also important that the speed of Internet connection is guaranteed, so that you can fully enjoy the possibilities of the iPhone.

On the other hand, we have to look at the size of the screen. A smaller device will have a smaller screen but will be more manageable. And an iPhone with a big screen is perfect to enjoy videos and movies wherever you go. Generally, a mobile with a larger screen is usually more cumbersome to store. However, the handling can be just as comfortable as the design is taken care of so that the device adapts as best as possible to our hand.

Finally, it is recommended that we pay attention to the quality of the iPhone camera. This is especially useful when we like to keep in pictures the most important moments of our day to day or if we simply like photography the environment. And if we want to improve the experience, we must look for models that havenew tools and applications to edit our photographs and work with them.