The Best Vostok Watch

The Vostok watches delve into the Earth

few weeks, one of the watches Vostok-Europe were part of a rather curious expedition ago. The group’s goal was to reach the interior of the earth, in fact, what Jules Verne novel, the Vostok Rocket N1 Tritium ventured to accompany a group of experts in the Expedition “Towards the center of the Earth 2012”.

Vostok Europe was one of the sponsors of a caving expedition that took place in Lithuania and Ukraine.Professionals in the Cave penetrated Krubera-Voronya, considered the deepest of all the Earth, located in the Arabika Massif of the Western Cordillera Gagrinsky Caucasus.

The expedition in the cave, 2 kms deep, lasting almost a month. The extreme conditions tested both protagonists of the expedition as his Vostok watches. In fact, the Ukrainian espeolólogo Gennadij Samokhin reached a depth of 2,196 meters, beating the record of deeper way in the world of spelunking.

They are best left us with pictures as impressive as these (click on them to see larger):

What was the tested model?

The clock with which the espeolólogos could see the time and all kinds of information, even in the deepest darkness, was the Vostok Rocket N1 Tritium. A super-sporty watch autoloading with hardened mineral crystal 4.5mm. with anti-glare treatment. What is special for this expedition? The lighting is carried out by micro Tritium tubes (GTLS) dial and hands that allow a perfect night lighting. This is a limited edition individually numbered.

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