The Denim Shirts

“Fashion fades style remains,” said the dear Coco Chanel but some leaders are immortal. The denim shirt is one of these.

Fashion fades style remains,” said the dear Coco Chanel but some leaders are immortal. The denim shirt is one of these. In addition to being the unisex garment for excellence it is also the most versatile because it lends itself to any type of look.

American native, owes its origins to the workers of the factories of the ’50s and then depopulate with cowboy westerns. Then by hippies during the 70s, as a symbol of comfort and convenience. In recent years, the denim shirt found more or less fortunate this season to get to where it is one of the undisputed protagonists.
But because the garment in question is a must that is never out of fashion and proves to leading the way in versatility? Immediately shown.


It is indigo, dark blue or light blue can be combined with any other color, even the total denim look is possible but there is a rule: never match the denim shirt with the same color jeans! If you tend to opt for an otherwise dungarees this effect will be disastrous.


The denim shirt is an evergreen, can be worn under a sweater (accolade from the first button) in winter, short sleeves knotted at the waist over a pair of shorts in summer, under a tweed jacket and half-heeled boots in the autumn, above a white tshirt and reverse cuffs in spring.


The versatility of denim shirt with all other possible tissue is the most fun part. Cotton, macramé and viscose are the most common combinations but also velvet, silk and chiffon. Especially the approach to it may be ideal to dampen the elegance of such an important fabric and make the outfit more impish. Similarly use the shirt as a real outerwear putting it on to a floral dress satin.

Pick always a tight fit that adapts to the curves of the body, even if it is opened or worn on a shirt from the simple model and solid.

An additional factor that earns 10 points more to the denim shirt? The fact that, as all the leaders of the same type, is perfect to wash and iron often, will not make a turn!

If you do not already take advantage of the balances and run out to buy it. You have no more excuses!