The Different Types of Shoes

High, narrow, wide or as a block-the heels of women’s shoes can look like this. There are different types of shoes and every woman has her favorite. But do you really know all the different variants? If not, you will get to know the most common styles of women’s shoes in the following. This way you can search for a specific paragraph for the next purchase and the new shoes are nothing to stand in the way.

1. Stiletto Heel

In stilettos is the typical high-heel heels. They are tall, have a slender shape and run towards the back narrow. The feminine heel has a small footprint and therefore demands balance and a feeling for the body, because there is no need for support or security. Unfortunately, the penny heels are due to their narrow shape, those which break off most often because most body weight is on the tip.

2. Wedge Heel

Wedge heels , also called wedges, are heels with wedge-shaped insert between inner and outer sole. They are processed so that the attachment surface resembles that of a shoeless shoe. This type of heel is available in different heights and offers a quite secure fit, in contrast to the Stiletto heel, and is quite comfortable. Wedge heeled shoes are worn at any time of the year-whether as an ankle boot or as a high heel-the shoes are a must in a woman’s shoe cabinet.

3. Block Paragraph

Wide and straight processed are the typical features of a block paragraph . This form provides a secure hold, as the majority of the rear foot area is used as a tread surface. There are block heels in different heights and footwear. They also combine practicality and elegance, perfect for longer evenings or for the office.

4. Funnel Heel

Similar to a funnel, the funnel top runs narrower from top to bottom, but the tip of the heel is still somewhat wider than that of the stiletto heel. This form of sales also breaks down less frequently than the penny sales and is therefore a good alternative, which offers more stability at the same time.

5. Plateau Section

The plateau heels are a 3 to 10 cm higher sole, which ensures that the forefoot stands on a platform. Accordingly, the rear foot part must also be on a shoulder, usually on a penny or block heel. The weight is, in contrast to the Stiletto heels, also distributed on the forefoot and provides for a slightly muted appearance.

6. Kitten Heel

These are shoes that have a heel between 3 and 5 centimeters, so do not really count to the high heel.Characteristic of this type are a spiked heel and a narrow toe, which makes the shoe look elegant. Due to the low heel, with a little practice, a safe course is guaranteed. Kitten heels are available in different versions: as an ankle boot, as a sandal or as a pump.

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