The FBI Will Reduce the Android and iOS Security

It must be made possible by law to get into the iOS and Android despite encryption, says FBI.

In the United States, there is already a law, which says that it must be possible to intercept telephones of police authorities, and the FBI, so must the law be extended. The FBI Director, James Comey, has been a trip past the Congress to speak against Apple’s and Google’s encryptions.

Comey has repeatedly spoken out against the encryption of iOS and Android 8 5.0 Lollipop, as it can make it harder to get hold of criminal data.Wherefore, he will have in place a mandatory ‘back door’ into the phones.

Uphill for the FBI

One of the examples, which Comey has used diligently are pedophiles, who will be able to save pictures on their phone. As long as the images are not stored in the cloud, so the police will not have the option to search your phone after the images, even if they get a search warrant.

However, there is a long way for the FBI about this backdoor, as there does not seem to be much support in Congress. From both sides of Congress politicians have said that they are opposed to such a back door and for encryption.

Details from whistlebloweren Edward Snowden is also not helping Comey in the present case, since many have gotten far greater focus on private security.